ICAI Campus Placements Aug-Sept 2017 recruitment for new qualified CA
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CPABI Conducting ICAI Campus Placement Aug-Sept 2017, Last Day to Register

The Committee for Professional Accountants in Business & Industry (CPABI) of ICAI organises “ICAI Campus Placement Programmes” almost all over the Country twice a year for Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants. CPABI is committed to provide world class placement services to young professional CAs in various corporations and business houses.

The ICAI job portal supplements the existing placement assistance provided by the CPABI to the Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants and Experienced Members by providing a converging platform for the potential employers as well as the members of the institute.

After Graduation Career Counseling Discussion

In a dynamic and challenging business environment, Chartered Accountants are looked upon as Complete Business Solution Providers. They are thoroughly trained practically in all avenues of Finance and Accounting. They can undertake responsibilities ranging from carrying out feasibility study, raising financial resources, compliance with regulatory framework, capital structure and planning, organizational development, installation of efficient accounting, budgetary control, information system apart from giving advice on complex issues such as joint ventures, foreign collaborations, amalgamation, merger, diversification, modernization, product pricing, BPO, restructuring etc.

Before the placement programme, the Committee organizes Orientation Programme for the participants with a view to brush up their soft/technical skills to face the interview process.

Important Dates

  • Registration for May’17 pass out candidates begins on and from July 24, 2017.
  • Candidates who passed out prior to May’17 but could not appear regular campus due to certain reasons, are now eligible for August-September’17 and their online registration begins on and from 1stJuly’17.
  • Last date of registration for both the categories will be 30th of July’17 and no extension of date will be possible as interview begins on 16th August’17.

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ICAI Campus Placement Eligibility Criteria

  • Completion of GMCS is mandatory for taking part in ICAI Campus Placement Programme, meant for Newly Qualified CAs.
  • Aspirants for August-September, 2017 Campus are hereby advised to enroll (through Link- www.icaionlineregistration.org or may feel free to talk to Dr. Mitali Pathak at 0120- 3045915) for GMCS at any Centre convenient to them and get it completed before the Interview Process begins in the middle of August, 2017.
  • Articleship should be completed by Oct. 31, 2017 for the new Qualified CA.
Clearance of Final Examination of Chartered Accountancy Course Completion of Articleship Course
May, 2017 Completing their articleship by  31st October, 2017
May  2016 and November  2016 or whose CA Final results were declared in revaluation/re verification after  20th February, 2017. Completing their articleship between 1st May, 2017, and 31st October, 2017 and have not applied in earlier Campus Placement Programme.

CPABI Campus Interview Schedule 

No. Centre Dates
1. New Delhi 16th, 17th,  18th, 19th & 21st   August, 2017
2. Mumbai 17th,  18th, 19th , 21st & 22nd  August, 2017
3. Bangalore 18th,  19th , 21st & 22nd  August, 2017
4 Chennai 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th  August, 2017
5. Kolkata 22nd, 23rd ,  24th & 25th  August, 2017
6. Jaipur & Pune 23rd ,  24th & 26th  August, 2017
7. Ahmedabad & Hyderabad 24th , 26th & 28th  August, 2017
8. Durgapur 12th September, 2017
9. Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Indore, Kanpur & Thane 13th & 14th September, 2017
10. Ernakulam 14th Septmber,2017

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 ICAI Campus Placement Schedule

S. No. Centre Last Date for company Registration


Last Date of  online Short listing by Companies

(Ist Round)

Online Consent giving by


(Ist Round)

 2nd round online Short listing by Companies   Online

Consent giving by


 (2nd Round)


Written Test /Psychometric Test

(if any)


1. Mumbai & New Delhi 28th July, 2017 4th August, 2017 5th -6th -7th

August, 2017

8th August, 2017 9th  August, 2017 12th  August, 2017
2. Bangalore 28th July, 2017 4th August,2017 5th -6th -7th

August, 2017

8th August, 2017 9th  August, 2017 16th  August, 2017
3. Chennai, Kolkata, Jaipur & Pune 28th July, 2017 4th August, 2017 5th -6th -7th

August, 2017

8th August, 2017 9th  August, 2017 19th August, 2017
4. Ahmedabad & Hyderabad 28th July, 2017 4th August, 2017 5th -6th -7th

August, 2017

8th August, 2017 9th  August, 2017 21st August, 2017
5 Durgapur, Ernakulam  & Kanpur 21st August, 2017 6th September, 2017 7th September, 2017 8th September, 2017 9th September, 2017 On the day of Interview
6. Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Coimbatore,

Indore & Thane

21st August, 2017 6th September, 2017 7th September, 2017 8th September, 2017 9th September, 2017 11th  September, 2017


  • Sharing of database for Companies registered at S. No. 1, 2, 3 & 4 centres begins on   31st July, 2017
  • Sharing of database for Companies registered at S No.  5 & 6 centres begins on  31st August, 2017
  • No PPT (Pre Placement Talk) will be held during the Campus Aug-Sept, 2017 at any centre. However, the candidates shortlisted can view the presentation of recruiter in their online login.

Schedule of Orientation Programme at Various Centres

S No Centre Date of the Orientation Programme
1 Kanpur 13th  August, 2017 (Sunday)
2 New Delhi 14th  August, 2017 (Monday)
3 Mumbai 16th August, 2017 (Wednesday)
4 Bangalore 17th August, 2017 (Thursday)
5 Chennai 20th August, 2017 (Sunday)
6 Kolkata 21st August, 2017 (Monday)
7 Jaipur & Pune 22nd  August, 2017 (Tuesday)
8 Ahmedabad & Hyderabad 23rd August, 2017 (Wednesday)

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How to Apply for Registration

  1. Secure membership of ICAI immediately after passing CA final examination.
  2. Quote the Membership No. or acknowledgement receipt No. issued, upon submission of Form-2,on the online portal for campus registration. Else, state by which date you will submit that membership Form-2.
  3. Quote GMCS completion certificate No. or mention its completion date while registering on the placement portal.
  4. For online registration please visit: www.placement.icai.org and generate your password.
  5. Then put your CA Final Roll No. to login at www.placement.icai.org
  6. Check the accuracy of the data already available on the portal concerning your candidature.
  7. Fill all the column/fields with care and caution as furnishing any inaccurate or incorrect information will cause cancellation of your candidature during the course of campus interview.
  8. Registration fee of Rs. 400/- (Rupees four hundred) inclusive of taxes, is to be paid online through Credit/Debit Card.
  9. Secure the unique Centre code such as DEL/MUM/KOL/CHE etc.
  10. You can choose one bigger and one smaller Centre till July 30, 2017. However in case of smaller centre only, the registration will remain open till Aug 12, 2017.
  11. After successful completion of your Registration, take a print out of the profile and photo identity card and that is to be produced while visiting for attending Orientation Programme and Campus Interview.
  12. Attend Orientation Programme (which is mandatory) irrespective of the fact whether you have been shortlisted by any company till the date that event be held. Again, choose a bigger Centre for Orientation if you opt for attending interview at a bigger as well as a smaller Centre. Else, you may choose a smaller Centre for Orientation.

Commitment Charges

In the event of not joining the company after signing the Declaration Form, candidates have to pay a Commitment Charges of Rs. 5,000/ (Rupees Five Thousand) and such behavior would be viewed seriously as it blocks the opportunity of others and affects the schedule of that company.

Special permission to Student Less than 21 Years

A candidate who has completed GMCS/Articleship but yet to attain 21 years of age to secure ICAI membership, is required to seek special permission through email at cajob@icai.in , for attending Campus.

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