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10 Top B Schools in Asia Pacific Region For Research Excellence

Which business schools in Asia Pacific region crank out the most research? QS Global Business Schools Report 2017 released top ten business schools in Asia-Pacific region that are particularly known for their research excellence. Research has always been integral to the modern university system but it is an aspect of higher education that has been threatened by the increasing tendency of universities to function as vocational training institutions. To counter the effects of this tendency there have been an increasing number of initiatives in areas such as funding and the encouragement of research and associated scholarship.

Some 80% of the business schools around the world offering full-time MBA programs, are represented in Asia-Pacific region that are classified in the report’s ‘Top-Tier Research Quadrant’. This category is one of four in the report containing business schools whose academic reputations around the world are among the finest, but whose reputations among international employers are yet to reach the same heights.

There are four quadrants specified in the report. The Global Elite category identifies schools which are at the top of the scale for both research excellence and employability field. The Top-Tier Employability and Top-Tier Research categories celebrate business schools excelling in each of these areas, while the Superior category is for schools that show a strong performance but have yet to pass the high threshold required for inclusion in the other groups.  Asia-Pacific region is classified as “Top-Tier Research” Quadrant in the report.

Students can expect the quality of teaching, exposure to new business approaches and leadership prospective in their MBA programs underpins the research strength of top business schools . From a global survey of 8,376 academics in the fields of business and management, the report’s results stemming the fact that so many schools in Asia-Pacific score so well for research excellence indicates how highly regarded the region’s MBA programs are.

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The table below shows the top 10 business schools for Research Excellence in Asia Pacific region

Top 10 MBA Institutes for excellence
                                      Source: The QS Global 250 Business Schools Report 2017


Four MBA study locations are represented in this top 10 altogether. Singapore has the highest number of entrants, with four in the top 10 list, and NUS Business School leads the list. HKUST Business School, second in this list, is one of three business schools based in Hong Kong. Melbourne Business School and AGSM – are in the top business schools from Australia. South Korea’s Seoul National University completes the picture with 9th position in the list.

It is notable that Top Business Schools in India are not able to make an entry in this list of Research Excellence field. An MBA is more than just a passport. An MBA must equip you with the each skills and knowledge to succeed in the ever-more complex global economy.


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