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10 Top Career Options After Graduation in India

10 Top Career Options After Graduation in India: The term “Career” means to progress through some action by any individuals in their lifetime, and the action must be related to their employment. Speaking about career, the phase is highly complex, especially in India.

The dilemmas arise in the mind of the students, mostly after completing their graduation. It can be more confusing during the time when a student has to choose it on their own. They have to consider what they are really passionate about.

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There are three things one must understand before selecting a career path.

  1. Educational Background: The students are suggested to consider their background and subject before selecting their profession. They should not only pursue it because their friends are doing it.
  2. Cost: Students and their parents should also keep in mind the fact that pursuing any profession can cost them a good amount of money. Before selecting any career, the cost of the course and financing options must be analysed.
  3. The outcome of the career: It is for the fact that career is the medium in which one can get money to survive in this world. Selecting a career is an important decision, especially in the circumstance where the money is related. Consider the salary of each career options before choosing one.

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Top Career Options After Graduation

In case you have completed your graduation, or about to complete, here are few suitable career options for you.

1. Campus Placement: This option is very attractive for those who most feel like done with studying and want to deploy their skills in order to earn something. You can prepare for this career option while continuing your graduation.

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2. MBA: MBA refers to a course in which the students can learn about the management of accounts, finances, human resources, marketing etc. This course can be helpful for someone willing to pursue further studies in order to avail a managerial position in future, or looking to start own business.

3. Civil Services: The job that is really popular and regarded as one of the honourable among the other career options is called the Civil Services. One of the reasons behind its immense popularity is that people of any educational background can pursue the exams under the civil services. There are posts such as IAS, IPS, APS, IRS in the civil services. The competition is so high that only around 5% of the participants can crack the exams. Someone, aspiring to crack the civil services, particularly the IAS exam needs to study in a strategical way. However, for the aspirants, it is worth every minute spent on preparation.

4. Defence: The Indian Army, Indian Airforce and the Indian Navy are great options for those who have a passion for living the life in an adventurous way and want to serve the nation as well. To pursue this career, the student has to go through some tough physical tests. First of all, the candidate must understand the divisions of the Indian defence. Starting from the Indian Army, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, the Coast Guard of India, BSF, etc., all these are the parts that all together form the defence. Defence jobs are also much popular and competitive. Hence, it requires a laborious preparation.

5. Banking Sector: All the students having a background in commerce can get the opportunity to work in the leading banks. There are exams such as IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, RBI Grade, SBI PO, etc. that an aspirant needs to crack to have a successful career in this sector. The banking exams are easy to crack if someone is studying in a framed way. It is also important to know the latest exams pattern of the bank exams as the pattern is changing very often. Participating in the mock test can be a better option to crack the bank exams.

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6. Hotel Management: There are a ton of options if someone is looking towards hotel management as a career option. Students willing to continue a career in this field need to crack the NCHMCT (National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology). This career is divided into a few parts, for instance, director of Finance, Food and Beverages, Sales and Marketing, or Housekeeping manager etc.

7. Digital Marketing: This career option is really growing its popularity among the young generation. Employing the knowledge of the internet, the candidate can help companies to grow their online presence. This field can also be helpful to be a Brand manager of any leading company in the future.

8. Starting your own Venture: If you are someone who is quite adventuresome and likes to take risks, then this is really a great time to be your own administrator. Productive ideas and some kind of financial help from your parents or banks can easily let you be successful in making your own company.

9. Fashion Designing: If you are someone who’s a hobby is to follow the latest trends of the fashion industry or you are the one who is pulled towards the glamorous world of the industry then fashion designing is the right option for you to chose as a career. NIFT, NID, IIT, those are the leading institutions for doing a fashion designing course. A candidate firstly has to crack the interview of these leading companies to pursue this career.

10. Teaching as a Career: It can not get better to be an inspiration for those who are the future of the country. Teaching is not only a career option, but it is also considered as a responsibility. With this career, the working individual can also get the chance to update their own knowledge constantly. This career is also regarded as more than a profession as the salary one gets from it is not limited to the money rather expanded to the respects a teacher gets from everyone in the society.

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The crux of the matter is that you can choose any career you want after graduation and there’s no limitation. Understand your passion and choose the one that fascinates you the most. All you need is passion. 🙂If you need expert assistance in deciding the right career option for you, get in touch with us at AfterGraduation

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