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11 Essential Tips For Indian And Other Applicants For MBA Admission in USA

The Graduate Management Admission Council’s (GMAC) World Geographic Trend Report claimed that interest for MBA admission in USA continues to increase among students from India. Countless Indian young professionals apply to programs in the U.S. to obtain highly-regarded American degrees even if they already possess an MBA or comparable degree from an Indian institution.

Many Indians seek MBAs due to the country’s rapid growth, demand for skilled managers, and out of a desire to grow beyond more technical, often career-limiting positions in engineering. Students considering an MBA must be more selective when they choose an MBA program in the U.S. or elsewhere due to standstill world’s economy, high unemployment and intense competition for jobs. The quality and strength of the MBA program you pursue will significantly influence your career options and career paths.

Global diversity is a key criteria in MBA admissions, so as the pool of Indian applicants grows, the competition within this sub-segment of the application pool also rises dramatically. Due to the surge of applicants to American business schools, applicants must differentiate themselves from their peers to be successful in reaching the school of their dreams.

  • Why get an MBA Admission in USA?

Getting an MBA is significant commitment for your time, financial conditions and a clear vision of why getting an MBA is the right choice for you at this point in your life. Your reasons for embarking upon this path can range from career advancement within the same industry to a desire to switch careers and pursue something new. Whatever your vision, the better you can articulate it to yourself, the higher your chances of convincing the school that you are a good candidate.

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Admission Committees tend to look at various factors including the GMAT scores, academic records, professional achievements, extra-curricular activities and certain other qualities while shortlisting the applicants. Here are a few points to consider as you apply to business schools in the USA.

  • A Good Number Record

Most Business Schools require GMAT, GRE or some kind of entrance test and each school has its own criteria for accepting candidates. You should have a good academic record and high scores of 720 plus in GMAT that could go up to 750 or more for some of the schools. In view of the large pool of applicants from India and China, if the score is below 700, it would be better to take the test again.

  • Career Goals

Be clear about your career goals, both in the short term and the long term. It would be good to do some research about the target industry and collect as much information as possible. Also, a career plan like working in development and welfare sector or striving for reforms in the financial markets. Normally, you should have a work experience of at least 5 years.

  • A Leadership Quality

U.S. universities in particular are looking for candidates with credentials that include leadership experience, community service, global awareness, and some business experience. Seek out opportunities for leadership particularly ethical leadership, community involvement and community service, and experiential learning.

  • Great Communication Skills

This refers to the ability to gather required data and information and to state your thoughts clearly whether in the admission essays or personal interview.

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American Admissions Committees want to understand you as an individual and as a potential future leader. This requires getting to know you personally as well as professionally; therefore, you should not be afraid to discuss personal challenges you have faced. 

  • Extra-curricular Activities

Generally, students from India tend to have strong theoretical knowledge but lack the experiential training that is valued in the U.S. Other than academic or professional interests, you should be passionate about several other activities.  These could be sports, arts, music, voluntary work and supporting social causes. You should have spent a couple of years in pursuing these interests to impress admission committees.

  • Demonstrate Creativity

This is an occasion to display your ability to plan, schedule, communicate and execute a plan. You are expected to have at least a basic understanding about business. If you have been professionally involved in the sector for a few years, it is counted as a plus point.

You could bring forth concrete examples of leadership or teamwork from your professional life or extra-curricular activities.

  • Personality

American MBA Admissions Committees are looking for well-rounded students, not simply the most proficient IT professional or financial engineer. You should be able to display professionalism, maturity, modesty and sensitivity.

  • Letters of Recommendation for MBA Admission in USA

Get letters of recommendation from your immediate superior in office, who is familiar with your work or someone in a similar position. The letters should bring out your personal and professional qualities.

  • Manage your time to Draft Essays

Start your search and research early. Give yourself sufficient time to build a strong resume, interesting background, strong references and compelling essays. Give yourself sufficient time to assess your options and articulate your thoughts.

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The Admission essay is important as admission committees refer to it for getting more information about the applicants during the processing and also at the time of the personal interview. So, spend some 2-3 months to draft the essays. Write, re-write, and re-re-write your application and essays to ensure that they are concise, relevant, and complete.

  • Which Round to Apply

Apply in round one in 7-8 schools and leave 3-4 schools for round 2. It is important to do research on the school you intend to apply to by contacting the students, alumni or staff through the official website or LinkedIn profiles to familiarise yourself with the atmosphere and culture and decide for yourself if you fit in there.


AfterGraduation has identified the above strategies that help ensure the success of applicants seeking admission to top American MBA programs. These strategies can help to stand out from the thousands of similar applicants in a way that takes into account the manner in which American business schools evaluate applications. If you have any queries or comments regarding 11 Tips for MBA Admission in USA and above article, please post on our Aftergraduation Forum and we would be happy to discuss.

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