11 Factors to Consider While Selecting an Engineering College for Admission
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11 Factors to Consider While Selecting an Engineering College for Admission

After the results of high school that is 12th standard and many entrance exams are announced, most of the aspiring engineers stand on a crucial juncture so as to which college to choose from the sea of potential engineering colleges which would best suit their desires and help their further growth as a professional and polish them as better capable engineers. Many students often face a huge dilemma in this situation and are unable to make a clear decision due to less knowledge and awareness about the factors which are important to consider while selecting an Engineering College for admission.

This article discusses the various important factors which are required to be kept in mind while selecting an Engineering College for admission.

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Accreditation & Affiliations:

The affiliations and accreditation of any engineering college must be properly checked before proceeding to get an admission in it. The main accreditation authority in India for engineering and technical colleges is All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) which gives accreditation to courses that can be run by the institute.

Similarly, the task of providing accreditation at the university level is carried out by the University Grant Commission (UGC). The accredited colleges and their courses can be checked on the official websites of AICTE & UGC. Additionally, course affiliations for an institute must also be checked. Every college or institute is affiliated to a specific university and the degrees provided by the institute are of that university.


There are two major agencies in India which provide category certifications to any college or institute, which are NAAC and NBA. For example, IITs and NITS are categorized as A/A+ category. The list of all certified institutes with their respective category is published on the respective agency’s official websites. In addition to this, various organizations and companies also provide certifications to the colleges which adds to the reputation of an engineering college.

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Placements by the Institute after completion of the degree course is one of the most important factors to be checked by an individual before taking admission. Placement details of any institute are provided on their official website, social networking sites and media and news channel websites. It depends on factors like faculty, college rank, facilities provided by the college to its students, past performance of the students in companies they were placed in and many more factors.


The reputation of an engineering college is a vital factor which helps in clear decision making. It refers to the comments posted by the students, ex-students (alumni), faculties and other people who have had personal or professional relations with the Institute concerned on the social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter etc.

Quality and Number of full-time Faculties:

It is a very important factor which tells what quality of education is imparted and provided by the Institute to their students. There has to be a good ratio of full-time faculties to the number of students enrolled. This is generally defined in terms of student to faculty ratio. It is basically the number of faculties per student, like 20:1 states that for every 20 students there is 1 faculty. A good institute needs to have a low Student to faculty ratio. Quality of faculties is also necessary, which can be evaluated on the grounds of teaching experience, Education qualification, degrees and accolades etc. Better faculties help the individuals in shaping their future in a better way.


Infrastructure is also one of the factor which indicates the additional and essential facilities provided by the college to the students apart from studies and placements. It consists of facilities like labs, library, transportation facilities, location, classrooms etc. Better infrastructure provides a better learning environment and better learning experience.

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Curriculum refers to the number of different specializations available for a particular course at the institute. A good number of courses and branches gives students more options to choose from and more specializations open gates for additional knowledge.

Extracurricular Activities:

It is an important factor which is required for the overall comprehensive development of the students. It gives students confidence as they get a platform to show their additional talents which also leads to the development of soft skills like communication skills, leadership skills, managerial skills, teamwork abilities etc.

Graduation Rate & Research Opportunities:

Graduation rate means how many students are completing their degree from the particular institute every year. If the number is high then it definitely states that the institute provides better teaching facilities. If there is research & development facility is available in an institute then it can be considered that the institute supports the innovation and research of a candidate.

Tie-Ups/Study Abroad Programs/Internships/ scholarships:

This is another parameter which automatically enhances the reputation of any engineering college. A good number of foreign university tie-ups, company tie-ups, and study abroad program ensure a better exposure of a candidate, whereas internships and scholarships ensure better participation of a candidate. This parameter should also be checked before admission.

Alumni Network:

Alumni network is one of the important factors that should be looked on while selecting an Engineering College for admission. Alumni network can be considered as the assets and achievements of the engineering institute. Alumni in good positions in private, public or government organizations represent the better studies and placement services at the institute. A good alumni network supports the institute and its students at all level of professional life.

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Here you got the different factors to look upon before seeking admission to an Engineering Institute and achieve your professional goal. Please post your comments or queries for Engineering admission on our Aftergraduation Forum or in below comment box. Share this article with your friends and Known, who are in the same dilemma and need some support and counselling from AfterGraduation.

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