4 New Business Schools Added To GMAC Membership, GMAC added 4 new Business Schools -Hult International, Trinity, Sabanci, School of Business and Economics, Trinity under the GMAC membership.
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3 Business Schools Added to GMAC Global Membership

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), a global association of leading graduate business schools, has added three new business schools ESCP Europe, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, and Xavier University Bhubaneswar to its global membership. The addition of these Business Schools brings the GMAC Global membership to 225.

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Graduate Management Admission Council is a global, non-profit association of leading graduate business schools. To be considered for GMAC global membership, business schools must complete a comprehensive application process that addresses the school’s sustained commitments to supporting the GMAC’s mission: providing the tools and information necessary for schools and talent to discover and evaluate each other. Business schools are invited to join GMAC global membership by its Board of Directors.

President and CEO of GMAC, Sangeet Chowfla said, “GMAC continues to strengthen membership of graduate business schools that are not only working to address the changing needs of students but also understanding the landscape and what can be done to better prepare students for their careers. Each of these three schools brings a unique approach from its area of the world. The perspectives they collectively bring to the Council will help further our mission and work to identify the opportunities and challenges faced by our industry.”

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In addition to meeting membership criteria, each school has made specific pledges to help the Council meet its mission.

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ESCP Europe

Widely proclaimed as the world’s first business school, ESCP was founded in 1819.  As a highly-ranked School for Masters programs, ESCP Europe is well positioned to assist GMAC in its mission to grow its presence in the Master’s space. Their unique multi-campus model will also provide insights on best practices for innovative program delivery, as well as experience on managing student recruitment processes across markets. ESCP Europe values their GMAC membership as an indicator of their commitment to providing the highest quality of education and their willingness to be a contributor to GMAC global network.

WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management

WHU’s expertise in research and teaching will help to further GMAC’s work and presence in Germany. In particular, their Master’s division has already committed to assisting with informing the approach that GMAC has taken to better serve that segment through convening professionals and providing insightful research and data.

Xavier University Bhubaneswar

One of India’s leading management schools, Xavier University Bhubaneswar believes in GMAC’s mission that every candidate deserves access to high-quality graduate management education. Their GMAC membership symbolizes the school’s commitment to providing world-class quality b-school programs at their campus in Bhubaneswar to deserving candidates from around the world, in part by utilizing GMAC’s products and services.

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GMAC Global Membership

To be considered for membership in GMAC, schools complete an application process and must meet the following criteria:

  • maintain a selective admissions process;
  • offer a master’s program in business administration, management subjects or equivalent; and
  • actively support GMAC’s mission and use the GMAT exam or other GMAC assessments as part of their admissions and enrollment processes.
  • They also participate in GMAC governance, including voting on Board elections and other matters that may come before the Council.

The Graduate Management Admission Council was founded in 1953 when nine leading business schools joined together to create a standardized business school admissions assessment, the GMAT exam. Working closely with its expanding membership base, the Council has developed a reputation for world-class industry research, valuable insights, and professional events for the global graduate management education community.

GMAC owns and administers the Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT®) exam, used by more than 7,000 graduate programs worldwide. Other GMAC assessments include the NMAT by GMAC™ exam, for entrance into graduate management programs in India, South Africa, and the Philippines, and the Executive Assessment (EA, specifically designed for Executive MBA programs around the world.

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GMAC is a global organization with offices in Hong Kong, China, Gurugram, India, Singapore, London, United Kingdom and the United States.

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