7 Mistakes CAT Aspirants Should Avoid While Appearing for CAT Exam, avoid common mistakes in management entrance exams
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7 Mistakes CAT Aspirants Should Avoid While Appearing for Exam

As the date of CAT Exam is coming closer to, the pressure of exam on candidates is genuine and it will be hard to concentrate properly on the CAT exam. Under the immense pressure of CAT exam, there are common mistakes CAT aspirants generally do, which should be avoided while preparation for better results (CAT Score).

The CAT 2018, one of the most competitive MBA entrance exam is scheduled to be held on 25 November, is just one week away and aspirants must be well prepared by now to score their best and get a chance for admission in prestigious IIMs and other top B-schools in the country.

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The Common Admission Test (CAT) is a computer-based test. The small and even silly mistake happened at this moment can result in a great loss and hamper the dream of IIMs. So here at this platform, we will let you some general or common mistakes CAT aspirants can make at the time of exam and you can find a solution for your own of such mistakes. We hope this article will be helpful for CAT aspirants.

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Here are 7 common mistakes CAT aspirants must avoid while preparing and appearing CAT 2018 exam, as only this is the last week of the final show.

1. Last-Minute Learning New Concepts

Many candidates have the tendency to learn the new topics in the last minute of the exam day or in the last few hours. This mistake is common in candidates to grasp the untouched part of their syllabus in last hours of exam. This should be avoided by candidates because any new or contradictory information can create confusions in their mind.

To qualify CAT exam you need to be a good decision maker so that the exam can be completed in time and precisely. But if you develop confusions in the last minute then this can impact your decision making and hence, they may take too long to solve questions or may end up marking wrong options as answers. So, just revise your preparation notes is better to study new concepts. With the proper revision, aspirants would be able to recall required information properly.

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2. Don’t get stuck on tricky questions

As you all know the CAT 2018 exam pattern i.e. sections and sectional time duration and their marking scheme. Therefore, you should be focused on attempting each section within 60 minutes. But if you get stuck in solving a tricky question in any section then, it may take more than required and hence, you will not be able to attempt all questions from the section. Keep in mind, you cannot switch between the sections and have limited time to attempt each section. Moreover, CAT has negative marking and if you face any tricky question and you are not confident about it then it is wise to skip the question.

You can attempt such questions if some minutes are left after attempting all questions for that particular section as switching questions within the section is allowed.

3. Improper Time Management and Preparation Process

Almost every aspirant, in general, will be in hurry to start preparing for the exam. They skip the most important part- creating a practical preparation strategy. Preparing in a disorganized way and not allotting time for every section affects their performance. Before starting the preparation, they should go through the syllabus and study material, identify the tough and easy topics, and then prepare a schedule covering them and adhere to it.

4. An Absence of Consistency in Focus and Motivation

During the mock test, when you see your peers solving questions faster than you can, make you jump to conclusions that the main exam cannot be cracked. Stay motivated. Go through that one person who is smart and helpful to go over the concepts with you. Do not feel embarrassed to ask. Focus on your strong areas. Try working on your weak areas. Even if you can’t, it’s okay.

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5. Lack of Analysis of Mock Exam Attempts

If you are a CAT aspirant mock exams might be important but analysing them is key to a good CAT attempt. Based on your mock exam attempts, you can classify the questions into Easy, Moderate and Difficult. (I used to normally not attempt Geometry.) To succeed in CAT or any MBA Entrance exam, mock tests and practice papers are important as they help candidates to understand their skill level in each section.

Mock tests also help candidates to improve their time management, accuracy and speed and also your weak and strong topics.

6. Take the Sections Easy Going

CAT exam has three sections – Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Ability (QA).

Usually, students ignore any of the section feeling as the easy section and hence don’t even bother to look at the basic funda of that section. Non-engineering students tend to skip VARC topics while engineers ignore the QA section assuming they can easily crack it, which must be avoided.

7. Don’t let your mind go through the negative thoughts

Your thoughts before and during the CAT exam can affect your test-taking ability, therefore, you must avoid any negative thoughts, fear of competition or overthink. This can cause stress and lower your morale. You need to keep yourself relaxed so that you can take the CAT 2018 exam with a sorted mind. To get the best result of your CAT preparation, you need to focus, be determined and avoid any contradictory thoughts.

These are some common mistakes CAT Aspirants must avoid, any of the above-listed mistakes can hamper their confidence and hence, performance in CAT 2018. We would strongly recommend you to devise your own strategy for the paper based on your strong and weak areas.

Believe in yourselfkeep calm and focus!! The three mantras an aspirant must follow!!

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