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7 Mistakes Prevents to Crack UPSC Exam

Whatever presumptions we make in our mind, will take up the charge through our activities. It’ totally depends what we are thinking and what we are targeting. Since, you are targeting one of the prestigious posts in the country, a little nervousness is obvious. Remember, overdose of anything is dangerous. You should not take a overdose of worries related to the UPSC Exam clearance. Instead, focus your attention on the preparation and you can easily find the way to success.

Not everyone is born equally talented and not everyone gets the same opportunities. The greatest ability of any successful person is his ability to focus. And the more you have this ability the more your chances of achieving success early on. And focus depends on interest and interest comes only if you have the aptitude to do something. A proper planning approach as well as hardwork, determination, attitude, all values and problem solving ways should come from within your innerself. AfterGraduation have mentioned below 7 mistake points which can impact your dreams to crack UPSC exams.

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1. Following the UPSC Syllabus Word to Word

The biggest mistake is that the UPSC aspirants try to learn 100% of everything available. With the already vast syllabus, it becomes essential to know what to study and what not to.  Remember, if you try to absorb all the material available out there, it will take you about three years. Keep referring to what topics have been mentioned in the syllabus, and questions from which topics have arisen in the previous year papers.

2. Lack of Information and Guidance

UPSC Exam requires two important factors – Right strategy and hard work. Hard work can be done by anyone but the direction of hard work is important. If you don’t know the right books, right way of answering or right way of revision then you might not make it in first attempt. It is so difficult to clear because of lack of proper guidance and direction to our preparation.

3. Non Focused Strategy

The most important part of the strategy is to remain focused on the main goal, which is cracking the exam in the first attempt. Many of you make the mistake of preparing for different competitive exams with the idea of playing it safe. In such a situation, the amount of time you have gets divided for various exams. You must realize that properly preparing for the civil services exam is not a part-time job. It is a fact that if you are fully devoted to prepare for the UPSC exams without pursuing any other studies, competitive exams or job, your concentration level will be at its peak and this would give you the best results. The desire to grab one job or the other and playing it safe leads to failure on all fronts.

4. Social Networking Platforms

There will be many who will tell that Facebook, Whatsapp and other social networking portals can be used for preparation, it depends on how you use them. I would suggest don’t fall in that trap!. We all know if 10% time goes in using these productively the rest 90% goes in admiring people’s photos, their lives etc.

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5. Lack of Self Confidence

It is the common people who do the uncommon things when they repose a leap of faith in themselves. UPSC is no rocket science. Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Each one of us has our own story and we craft it with our own hands. You just need to believe that your’s is going to be a beautiful one .

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UPSC is a big deal, not everyone’s cup of tea” Listening to all these, lowers your self esteem and you’d somehow accept than it isn’t going to work your way. Thus, you have a plan B and lack of efforts in the first place.

6. Lack of UPSC Preparations and Practice

Although you give your best shot but at the first time you might not know how to deal with exam anxiety or how to make things work. You should be thorough with all your basics.

You might be appearing for mock tests but that’d be a less number. I’d suggest that one should atleast devote good 15 days before your exams just for mock series. so that you’re able to know your error patterns.

7. Time Management

Furthermore, you might not be knowing about how to deal with exam stress, or work out with proper timetable or schedule for your preparations.


Keep aside all the tensions and be focused on your study pattern. Stick to your study schedule and depart maximum time to the preparation. Don’t give an ear to what other’s are saying or doing. Just stick to your target and kick yourself towards it. Difficulty is not only limited to the number of attempts you need to crack the exam but mostly rely upon our mental strength, perseverance, never give up attitude that we need to ingrain. So point is simple, if you really want to clear UPSC Exam you need to overcome the above mentioned weaknesses. (Image Source: LinkedIn)

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4 thoughts on “7 Mistakes Prevents to Crack UPSC Exam

  1. Hello Sir/ Mam
    thanks for sharing. It is very beautifully described article you have written. you pointed out Where students can make mistakes while preparing for the UPSC exam. UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams to recruit candidates for administrative services in central and government offices.
    Syllabus knowledge is not enough to crack this exam. one need a proper strategy for preparation.
    It will be very helpful to focus on above-mentioned mistakes.

  2. I would add one thing more. I believe student should start preparation with their graduation first year and should appear in final year. Its always easy to crack any exam when we are studying. Early start always pays.

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