8 Preparation Tips & Strategies to Ace the GMAT Score
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8 Preparation Tips & Strategies to Ace the GMAT Score

GMAT Score is an important part of most business school applications. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the ways for the students aspiring for graduate management programs like MBA. It accesses quantitative, analytical, verbal, English writing skills or in more simpler words it is to analyse the presence of mind and logical thinking but not the business knowledge.

If you want to get into a top business school, a good GMAT score can go a long way. Admissions committees look at applicant GMAT score to see if they fit into the class and can handle the coursework and be successful.

But to be very specific it’s only one part of the candidate’s application, other metrics such as academic, experience, skills in applications also have a vital role in finalizing the decision but getting a good GMAT score will surely increase the chances for admissions. So, we concluded the best tips from various sources for candidates.

  1. Know it Inside Out

The most important thing which we almost forget is to know what we are doing, where will that lead us. For any exam in life, if we know the pattern and format of the exam, then it’s become easier to prepare. You will come to know the direction of the exam and can prepare accordingly, so familiarize yourself with the test format to better understand it.

So, before preparing for GMAT, know about the basic structure of GMAT, Marking strategies, sections, total duration, the duration for each section, no. of questions in each section and so on. By this, you will be mentally prepared for what you are heading to.

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  1. Take it Easy

It obviously sounds weird that the tip itself says to take it easy. But it is actually a tip which most sites forget to include but not we. Stressing never makes things easier but it makes easy things look even more difficult. So, instead of thinking over and over again just do it. Every good deed needs a push, give yourself that push, be determined and start doing.

  1. Tricks

There are infinite short tricks to solve infinite problems but it is certainly impossible to learn them all by heart. So, instead of learning them make your own tricks. This can only be done when you practice several questions on each topic, gradually you will develop a trick by which a question which was taking say 15 min will take 10-15 sec. , but of course gradually.

  1. Keep Questions Closer

Always redo questions to develop a different and new perspective on the same questions. Basically, start doing questions, mark those with one tick which were incorrect in the first attempt, do the second attempt similarly mark those which incorrect in this attempt with 2 ticks and so on. And during revisions start with a maximum ticked question and continue in decreasing order.

  1. Verbal Portions

Most of the candidates find it laborious and boring but it includes various questions like sentence correction, comprehensive etc. Instead of jumping directly to questions, read passages first but don’t go into the details, read as per required. For sentence correction apply elimination strategies, finding an error-free answer will be difficult then to find the one with the error.

  1. Be a Math Guru for better GMAT Score

Performing each math operation manually will consume time, so practice to solve real world calculations in your head itself. Instead of urging for calculators, learn Vedic maths methods like multiplying 36*12 will be easier if you multiply 6*2 = ¹2 now 3 *1=6 and 6*2 =6 add answers with previous carry 1 i.e. ¹3 now 3*1 = 3 add previous carry 1 i.e. 4 so arranging them will give 432. This will look cumbersome but is actually a simple and efficient trick.

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  1. Online and Mock Test

Keep practising on mock test available online, this will help in managing time also will give you a review of your preparations. Analyse your mistakes from previous tests and improve in future one. Embrace your errors instead of disheartening. Continue them and save the best one for the last.

  1. Do your Best and Forget Rest

The night before your GMAT exam check all the documents you will require and go to bed. Don’t stress over preparations. Believe in yourself, make yourself calm and confident. Just think you have done your best and you are gonna give your best tomorrow. Wish yourself best of your luck.

  1. Nothing Decides your Future

This is basically not a tip for GMAT exam but it is for life. Nothing decides your future. Never feel disheartened, if not in the first attempt may be in the second attempt or later.  Or maybe in some other field, you will find your way anyhow, if and only if you are searching for it.

Analyze your preparation and come up with your weakness, Put your extra effort on your weak topic. Being self-aware of the topics that may need some extra attention will help you focus your studying.

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