Advertisers is the World’s leading education portal focused on the all the education stream on the same single platform and reaches out to talented individuals from basic of their education (Secondary , Senior Secondary) until the middle stages of their career across the world in countries such as India, USA,UK, France, UAE, Singapore, China, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan and many more. caters millions of students and professionals in shaping their career, by providing correct, sufficient and authentic information in one pool. It is an educational hub which provides information on Professional Courses, Academic Courses, Entrance Examination and Career Guidance.

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Domains Covered

  • Commerce
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Law
  • UPSC Exams
  • Entrance Examination
  • Career Guidance

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Brief overview of for Prospective Advertisers

  • is the world’s leading resource for Higher and Professional Courses for Commerce, Science, Management, Law and UPSC and other Entrance exam preparation.
  • With a readership in over 90 countries, the website gives advertisers access to students and professional in every geography.
  • majority of visitors to the website are direct visitors: that means the majority of readers actively search information on instead of searching for the rest of the internet and visit the website regularly to research about the courses.
  • ranks in the top results on Google page 1 or 2 for searches the content.
  • The results have been achieved organically through the creation of high-quality content aimed squarely at helping students. The website does not resort to gimmicks to artificially inflate traffic which is common in the online space. No slideshows. No buying of clicks. No 200-word articles to rank high in Google for myriad keywords.
  • Within less than a year, with strong content able to achieve Indian Alexa Rank – around 1 lakh Indian from Unranked and Global Alexa Rank – Around 15 lakh from 5 crores and it’s getting much better regularly.
  • Latest Web Traffic – 1.5 million visitors per month, 3.0 million page views per month.
  • Visitor’s to are highly successful Higher degree and professional course aspirants, and include both experienced as well as young professionals.
  • The website is proud to maintain a conversation of a high standard. Global industry stalwarts and academic leaders contribute their thoughts on the platform regularly.
  • Education counselors are actively engaged on the website and play an active role on the website in guiding future aspirants on the Forum and through their writings.

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Amazon Books offers, discount on UPSC books, UPSC Preparation books on Amazon