Anveshan 2018 Design Fellowship Program Focused on “Make for India” by Analog Devices Inc
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Anveshan 2018 Design Fellowship Program Focused on “Make for India”

Analog Devices, Inc. announced the start of its Anveshan 2018 Design Fellowship Program. Anveshan provides a comprehensive platform for students to create innovative solutions using the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, sensors, the cloud, data analytics, and more.  The program gives engineering students an opportunity to showcase their ideas and encourages them to think ahead of what’s possible.

With Anveshan, students can design and architect a complete product, core technology, algorithm or service in a low-risk setting with funding and guidance provided by Analog Devices. This year, the program is focused on “Make for India” with a goal of challenging students to build smart and innovative solutions for problems in healthcare, agriculture, smart city, industry 4.0 and smart lifestyle

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Interested students can participate in Anveshan 2018 Fellowship program by registering at their official website.  

Under the Anveshan program, Analog Devices India will fund projects with a maximum amount of INR1,00,000 assigned to finalist teams for up to six months. Unlike other initiatives, which are short-term proof of concept prototypes to learn, Anveshan is run differently.  The participating teams are encouraged to research the challenge much deeper and develop an idea through a focused effort and test and refine the concept for a much longer timeframe.

“Anveshan has always been a platform for innovative ideas”, said Ashok Balivada, director of engineering, Analog Devices India. “This year, we chose ‘Make for India’ as our theme with an objective to come up with smart solutions that impact a developing country. India is on the cusp of a technological upheaval and there is a range of problems that require immediate attention. Be it smart cities, smart industries, smart agriculture or healthcare, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping our future.”

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Last year’s Anveshan winning team developed an innovative ‘IoT-based Virtual Physiotherapy with Biofeedback’ that is essentially a virtual physiotherapy and movement assessment system, which enables physiotherapists to provide effective care virtually anywhere.

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