Best ITI Courses for Girls to Make Them Financial Independent, the popular ITI courses girls (women) can pursue better Career and employment
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Best ITI Courses for Girls to Make Them Financial Independent

Best ITI Courses for Girls: The best way for every person who has completed primary education to opt for which subject they will select for his/her career is to do a course in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) set up by state and central government. We hereby discussing the ITI’s best courses for the girls to make them employable and financially independent.

Error! Not a valid embedded object. Technical, as well as non-technical courses, are available in ITIs. There are a plethora of courses to choose from ITI, which rises the number of female students enrolments also on the rise.

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ITIs are the best way to decrease unemployment among educated persons. These institutes provide different employable courses to make women financially independent. They can opt for some well-established courses from a nearby ITI to live their lives and become independent in their life. ITI courses provide the necessary Knowledge and skill sets to women.

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Thus, the Industrial Training Institutes are gradually gaining popularity among girls for making their careers. Below we are going to give information on the popular and Best ITI courses in which girls can select and pursue them.

(Not in any specific order)

  1. Dress Making
  2. Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  3. Hair and Skin Care
  4. Commercial Art
  5. Desktop publishing
  6. Leather Goods Maker
  7. Catering and Hospitality Assistant
  8. Tool and Die Maker Engineering
  9. Manufacture Footwear
  10. Basic Cosmetology
  11. Cutting and Sewing
  12. Weaving of Fancy Fabric
  13. Book Binder
  14. Embroidery and Needle Worker
  15. Stenography in English
  16. Physiotherapy Technician

Brief Information on the Women’s Popular ITI Courses

1 Online Publishing: Girls can easily learn this course. It simply means to publish (post) an item on the internet using a computer. They have to learn how the computer works and how to use the internet. This course not also comfortable for them but has also given them immediate employment in any company or news agency.

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2. Fashion designer: This course is most suitable for girls as it requires only designing different kinds of clothes. This course is in much demand in today’s world as a person wants to buy good looking clothes not only for him or herself but also for their family.

3. Stenographer in English and Hindi: This course is most expensive course in doing but has plenty of job opportunities in government as well as the private sector for stenographers. She has to learn the art of writing speech in a shorthand format. Girls can easily do this course, it requires secondary qualification.

4. Cosmetology (Hair and skincare specialist): This is one of the best courses available in ITIs where girls can learn hair cutting and skincare treatment. There is a great demand for good hairstylists and skin care professionals and this course prepares the students for working in the cosmetology industry as a hairstylist, manicurist, facialist etc. This is the best course for girls who have not much-qualified means who have learned up to 8th class. It will not only establish them as professional hair and skincare specialist but also help them to establish a business and give employment to several girls in their locality.

5. Cutting and Tailoring (Dress Making): This course is also an established course in ITIs across our country. This helps the girls to learn the art of cutting, designing, Sewing and give a final touch to clothes. This helps the girls to earn and become independent and stood on their feet. Dress making is a one year long course deals with garment making in detail. The primary objective of this course is to provide training to students in various aspects of dress making. It is one the most well-suited ITI courses for girls.

6. Baker and confectioner: Girls can opt for this course also as it helps them earn daily. It is also not too expensive to do it. After doing this course a girl can start their business of confectionery. Making of toppies, sweets, burfi, etc is the main work of baker and confectioner which a girl can easily do.

7. Computer operator: the main work of a computer operator is to write, read and make a file on the computer. It can be writing on Microsoft office, word or excel, making of presentation. Girls can easily learn it and grasp the knowledge of the computer operator.

8. Catering and Hospitality Assistant:It is a one year vocational course, where students are given training in the professional skills and knowledge required for the job role. Students learn a variety of things such as types of meals, dress code,identifying the equipment, cutlery/crockery and other aspects.

9. Manufacturing Footwear: In this course students are taught how to make shoes using various fabrics. There is a great opportunity to work and grow through this course.

10. Weaving of Fancy Fabric: A number of decorative products and accessories are created by using Fancy weaving technique. Students are taught the important techniques of weaving fancy fabric.

11. Book Binding: Book binding is a craftsman training course where students are introduced and taught the various paper activities that are carried out in the paper industry.

12. Physiotherapy Technician: This ITI course for girls is quite popular as there is a huge demand for physiotherapists. Physiotherapist technicians aspirants learn various aspects of physiotherapy such as detection of pathological and physiological impairment across age groups.

13. Fruit and Vegetable Processing: It is a one year vocational course, where students are taught different aspects of food processing such as receiving, checking and storing raw materials; operate equipment such as the conveyor belt.

14. Leather Goods Maker: This is again an One year vocational course, where students learn how to make and repair leather items such as belts, bags, wallets.

15. Embroidery and Needle Worker:In this course In this course students are taught to apply various stitching techniques which are used for producing designs on clothing, accessories, home decor items. Students are taught stitching using traditional as well as modern computer aided methods.

It does not matter whether the student is a boy or a girl. All the above mentioned courses are open to both men and women. This article gives the information regarding the popular ITI courses for girls.

Here you got the details about various Short Term Courses for girls. Have any doubts or queries regarding the Various Courses, please post in the below comment box.

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