CA Articleship And Its Registration Process, CA Training registration form, fees, eligibility criteria, Duties and learnings of CA Articles
Chartered Accountant Commerce

CA Articleship And Its Registration Process

Practice makes man perfect; it means no perfection without practice. Therefore to prepare better career the educational institution ad hoc platform like Internship or Articeship. Which itself designed as per their course and practice demand. This, CA Articleship is one most important for Chartered Accountant (CA) career.

In a CA student’s career “ARTICLESHIP” is certainly the most essential stage. It is 3 years of the training program, wherein a student has the chance to prepare him/her with all practice area which is required to have an effective future as a Chartered Accountant.

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This article on CA articleship will cover the accompanying points:

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  1. Eligibility
  2. Registration Process
  3. Registration Fees

A CA Student is required to finish effectively Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) comprising of Information Technology (IT) and Orientation Course (OC) each of 15 days before enlisting for Articleship Training.

A CA Student needs to compulsorily utter the Course on Information Technology Training before the beginning of Practical Training.


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  • A student is required to have a minimum 90% attendance to successfully complete the Course on Information Technology (ICITSS).
  • The accredited ITT center issues a certificate to students who successfully completed the Course on Information Technology (ICITSS) and attended 90% classes.

Students enlisting for CA educational modules through CPT course/ Direct Entry Scheme after Graduation/Post-Graduation/ Direct Entry Scheme based on their clearing CS & CWA intern will be qualified for articleship on-

  1. Passing both Groups or group 1 of IPCC
  2. Completion of Information Technology Training (ITT)
  3. Completion of the orientation program

Note : A CA student can start your CA Articleship after passing IPCC Group I, but can register for CA Final only after clearing both the groups of IPCC.

The fee shall be ` 6,500 (Six Thousand Five Hundred only) per student inclusive of course material and tea/refreshments on non-residential basis,

CA Articleship Registration Process

Fistly, an student who expects to go for articleship training necessities to see a CA Firm with opening for article trainees. ICAI has fixed as far as possible on CA’s for training articles fluctuating from 1 to 10 (per CA not CA firm) contingent on the quantity of years in continuous practice.

After a CA student finds a CA firm where there is an opening to prepare articles and the Principal(Chartered Accountant) consents to prepare and enroll for articleship under association’s name then the CA student needs to advise ICAI about the equivalent.

An student needs to imply about his/her articleship to ICAI inside 30 days from the date of initiation of articleship in the recommended form 102 and endorsed form 103. These forms 102 and 103 can be either acquired from ICAI branches by paying Rs. 50/ – or can be downloaded from the ICAI site (If foms are downloaded on the web, at that point one needs to pay Rs. 50/ – extra with articleship registration charges for these structures).

Subsequent to executing the deed of articles in form 102 and points of interest of enlistment in form 103. A duplicate of form 103 with significant archives referenced underneath should be sent to ICAI for enrollment.

Alongside the above form 103 an student likewise needs to send a bore witness to duplicate of CA Intermediate (IPC) marksheet, a validated duplicate of Secondary/Higher School Certificate as verification of Date of Birth, an attested copy of completion ITT preparing and Orientation Program and an demand draft of essential fees.

The accompanying documents are to be executed before registration:

  • Deed of Articles in Form 102
  • Statement of points of interest for enlistment in Form 103 in triplicate, one duplicate to be sent to ICAI, one duplicate each to be held by the CA and the article assistant.
  • Permission for other course (Form 112)

The forms can be either obtained from ICAI on payment of Rs. 50 or can be downloaded from ICAI site. Notwithstanding, if these forms are downloaded on the site, the applicant would be required to pay Rs. 50 additional.

Registration Fees

Amount of Rs.2000 is to be paid as Articleship Registration charge through Demand Draft/Bankers Check for the sake of “Secretary, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” payable at Mumbai/Kolkata/Chennai/Kanpur/New Delhi as the case may be. This amount can either be paid at the season of Registration for IPCC or at the season of Articleship Registration. On the off chance that, the amount has been paid at the time of IPCC enrollment, no charges is required to be paid once more.

Vital Points-

  • No enrollment fee is required for re-registration of articles
  • The points of interest of Form 103 for enrollment under the new employer ought to be joined by an service certificate from the previous employer for training already served, in Form 109 or Form 120 as the case might be alongside Report of Practical Training experienced in the configuration recommended on the back of Form 109 or Form 120 as the case may be.
  • The time of preparing in the deed of articles with the new employer must be the full balance time of training required to be experienced under the Chartered Accountant Regulations.

Duty During Articleship

  • To acquaint with different components of the Indian Accountancy Profession.
  • To create presentation skills and effective communication.
  • To motivate and prepare the participants to be learned and skilled experts.
  • To grow the noteworthiness of pragmatic training in the life of an expert.
  • To encourage qualities, for example, trustworthiness, straightforwardness and Independence in the growing professionals.

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