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Career Options After Engineering

If you are from India, then you must be well aware that many wants to become an engineer. But not all know what to do with this engineering mania.  In this competitive world, much before a kid is enrolled to school; s/he is made an engineering aspirant. Ironical but truth!

In India you are not judged by what you have studied but what you do after you complete your graduation. The society is more concerned about the job and salary you get after graduation and not the intellectual property you have earned.

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This article talks about the  Career Options you can choose from after your B. Tech. /B.E. If you are a current student of B. Tech or have passed out recently, then this article is a MUST read for you.

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What have you thought about doing next? M.Tech? OR MBA? OR a job? Even if you have decided on something, it is advisable to explore the other options lying in front of you. It’s a truth never discussed or told. We prefer keeping silent and let things happen only to cry later about the mistakes we made.

Before we start exploring the options available, let us keep three Mantras in mind:

  • Don’t leave an option straight forward because it is too mediocre. You don’t need to follow others but to follow your heart.
  • It’s okay if a million other people like you are preparing for an entrance exam, including your friends! If you believe you can crack the exam, trust me YOU CAN.
  • Everybody is not born to do an MTech/MBA and get a high paying job. If people like Gandhi, SC Bose and APJ Abdul Kalam thought this way the world would have missed a lot of positive changes. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  1. Campus Placement

In case you don’t have any intention to study further or at least immediately after your B.Tech, then you can happily settle with campus placements offer. 

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campus-placementIf your college has a good rapport and initiative for campus placement drive, you will end up getting an offer letter to lighten up your pocket as soon as you graduate in Engineering.

This is considered to be a safer option where you get time to decide which field you want to stick to-Technical or you want to shift your core interest area from technical to management to some other stream.

  1. Go for an Higher degree

Specialization always adds to the quality. If engineering is your passion then pursuing higher education in the subject is the top recommendation. With focused knowledge into the subject you would definitely by enhancing your career in engineering field and would be able to contribute quite better in your industry.

For this, you need to prepare well for the entrance exams to get into a good college. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a national exam conducted in India which can fetch you admission in IITs, IISC or NITs and many others universities and colleges.

Fields for M. Tech can be categorized as- Research, Academics, Development, Engineering Equipment.


  1. Do an MBA

It’s a lucrative career option for engineering aspirants. But MBA is quite a rage these days. Regardless of graduation stream, everyone wants to hit the IIM tag. If you are more inclined towards corporate world and managerial position rather than a core engineering technical profile then MBA is for you.

You may specialize in your area of interest which may be the all time popular fields like HR, Marketing, Sales, Management, Finance, Banking, Consultancy, International Relations or the new growing domains like Digital Marketing, International Relations etc.

In India, there are various entrance examinations that will help you get into the top MBA colleges. CAT (Common Admission Test) serves as a gateway for an MBA at the IIMs and many other leading institutes. 

  1. Prepare for Civil Services

No doubts it’s a tough cookie to crack but only students like you become successful IAS, IPS, IES officers. If you want to come in main streamline then go for IAS and if you are interested in engineering services profile then go for IES.

Civil Services is not just about cracking an exam and then clearing an interview, it judges you on everything you can think of, who you are and what  you stand for!

  1. Short Term Courses

There are various short term courses and diploma courses you can opt for after your B.Tech. It can be a certificate course in embedded technology, VLSI, Robotics, Ethical hacking, Protocol testing, Machine designing or a diploma course in any specific domain.

Such courses are generally job oriented and serve as a bridge between what you know and what the industry expects you to know in order to absorb you into their organization.

  1. Start your venture-Entrepreneurship

Do you have dreams of being a job provider? Who doesn’t want to be his own boss? Then starting something of your own is a great option. But before you think about it you need to be sure about your options. Startup is trending more as a fashion than a career option. Starting your venture and making it succeed would be the toughest of all the things you can do.

We say it challenging because with minimal work experience, at times it gets very challenging to survive in cut throat competition coming from established and experienced business set ups. Be ready for the challenges and immense learning if you are determined to be an entrepreneur.

Not putting damper on your thoughts though. If you believe in yourself and has proven some actual results during your studying years then give your entrepreneurial skills a go. After all established businesses have also taken the leap and started from somewhere.

  1. Go Abroad

It is also a very good option to explore. If you choose to study abroad, you will get a lot of exposure and learning along with the education part. You might also be able to get a job at international locations. You can also explore integrated opportunities abroad. Along with options of MS you may explore options of MS+PhD and other research oriented courses. In addition, you could look at the various fellowships in research and development category available that may fascinate you too.

  1. Join the army

Give a chance to the patriot in you. Joining the Army/Navy/Air Force or any other wing of the defense services can be exciting and high paying at the same time. You can join as technical staff by applying through the University Entry Scheme (UES). You can also apply for flying positions in Indian Air Force by clearing AFCAT.

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The times are gone when you tagged defense services with only patriotism. Now you can be utterly professional when opting for defense as a career. These positions will give you an opportunity to live your life for the nation, a life with good facilities and a decent sum to take home as well.

  1. Be a Change Maker

Feel fascinated when you see someone fighting for the rights of others?  Want to bring some positive change in social-servicelife of others? You can work for an NGO or start your own, you can choose a career in journalism, opt for social research or do something in your own profession itself by helping people who don’t have access to it, e.g. if you are a lawyer,  fight for the rights of the less privileged; if you are a doctor, treat people; if you are an engineer, innovate for the mass etc.

  1. Explore the artist in you!

In India we have a habit of not mixing our profession and our passion. But what if our passion becomes our profession? Wouldn’t it be so amazing to do what you love rather than going the other way round of loving what you do?

It can be anything ranging from photography, painting, performing arts, astrology, writing or yoga.  If you love writing, be a writer; love capturing nature and wildlife, explore your options in photography; love speaking and talking to people, Be a Radio Jockey; always found your legs move with the music, be a dancer! Let it be any other passion as well. If you can attain expertise in your passion and can earn your bread and butter with it, it’s a good way to go. At least you would never regret doing something you never liked and you would live every moment doing what you love.

So did you find something that excites you? Or maybe therein lies something beyond these for you!  What matters in the end is that you are happy about what you have done & what you are doing.

Remember, if you want to worry about what people think about you or what people will think about you if you do this or that, then there is a problem! What should ideally matter is how you see yourself. Do you respect the person you are? If yes, you are on the right path!

Do share your opinions with us on what you think about the article. Also please share any other exciting career options available which we may have missed.

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  1. One more option after graduation is PSU, where you can get in by-
    1. Direct recruitment.
    2. GATE gate score, very known is BARC, GAIL,IOC, AAI etc.

    You may add these also.

  2. Great article!
    I was literally confused after completing my engineering in civil and not able to decide what to do after this, so being right and choosing the perfect career is significant decision. You have shared a great options here to do after engineering, doing MBA is best one i believe. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable guide.

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