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Career Options After Graduation In Commerce

When you join the study program in a particular stream; soon after graduation in commerce (India) or undergraduate (USA) studies, friends, relatives and well wishers start asking you about your future career path. Almost without asking they turn into a career advisor or career counselor advising you about career and Job opportunities. Nobody is seriously interested to know about your favorite options or what are your inclinations about the industry or the job profile.

There would be hundreds of thoughts cross your mind about future plans but single clear idea emerges unless of course, you have been very focused and inspired about a specific career line such as CFA or CA or CS or any other career options. Before that you need to be equipped with enough and specific knowledge to prepare for good career opportunities along with the strong competition in life.

But the most important question  –  which is the right career path for you after B.Com? Should it be further studies like CA or MBA or you should explore jobs on job posting sites and apply for insurance jobs, accounting jobs, business analyst jobs or regular sales jobs.

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Further Education Courses After Graduation

In case if you willing to study for a few years more, then after B.Com you may go in for Company Secretaries or Chartered Accountancy or CFA or MBA that will pay you to a larger extent. These professional qualifications courses will able to pay you to have a good position in public and private organisations. After graduation in commerce, you can also choose M.Com, Company Secretary, Business Economics, Finance Control, Cost Work and Accountancy, Masters in Economics, Masters in Operational and Research Statistics at Postgraduate level.

Career Choices in Commerce Stream

These days there are several and varied options available with excellent career prospects in commerce and sub domains or interrelated fields such as Banking, Finance, Insurance (also called BFSI) Economics, Agricultural Economics, Financial Stock Broker, Digital Marketing, e Commerce, Financial Planning, Market Research etc.

Career in Banking, Finance and Insurance

With the rapid progress in Industrial Sector and Information Technology, the banking and finance sectors have also grown very well all over the world. Naturally the jobs opportunities for graduates with commerce / finance / management background have also gone up. There are jobs with attractive compensation packages in the Public and Private Sector Banks, Insurance Companies, Stock Exchanges, Financial Brokerage and Investment Advisory Firms.

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Banks and Insurance companies are biggest employers in this sector – both in terms of number of jobs as well as the salary levels,much depends upon qualification, experiences and quality of output of each individual. There are very good and respectable career paths offered by good companies in these sectors.

Career in Finance, Accounting, Investment and Taxation

Primarily the area of work is in the of Audit, Tax And Accountancy departments – either with the company directly or with specialized firms performing financial functions in the relevant departments (such as Ernst & Young, Price Water House) of other businesses or not-for-profits.

In the fields of Investment and Insurance, the jobs focus on advisory services and to support individuals and organisations to plan their financial futures. There are specialized sub functions such as stock trading and stock broking, treasury, investment support, risk assessment and data management.

There are more specialized domains also which provide individuals and businesses to manage their money and access products such as Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Raising financesloans, equity.

So, if you have the financial aptitude and are willing to develop further competency, be rest assured, as a Commerce student you will never be out of a job!

Career in Market Research Industry

If you have interest in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data then you are the right fit as a market researcher. Broadly job is to do market research and let the client company know about the market trend, competitors, consumer trends and preferences before taking any important decision or before launching any new product.

Sales Jobs

The commerce and industry in world has to grow to become bigger and profitable. Similarly the consumption levels and population are also growing. So every business organisation – needs to sell whatever it is producing – a product or a service.

Consumers are getting importance and also pampered with unimaginable offers. Consumers need to be approached, contacted, informed, educated and given proper service. Thus with every passing day there is increase in demand of more sales and marketing professionals. Along with salary you get allowance and handsome commissions. You will get good job and a promising career path, depends on your performance.

Careers in Digital Media

This is one of the popular and happening industry, where creativity can be tapped without going out of work place (or not that much).

Depending on their attitude, some of the career paths include:

  • Studio or wedding photographer
  • Web designer
  • Entry-level 3-D artist
  • Press operator
  • Pre-press technician
  • Graphic designer

Digital Media Technology offers good scope with a wide range of career opportunities and salaries vary according to the type and size of business. It is necessary that the person has good communication skills and should take up one or two short courses in these fields along with B. Com.

Career in Data Analytics

Thanks to the big revolution in the IT as well as non IT industries, with the focus on Analytics / Big Data. Data Analytics is a knowledge intensive domain.

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The basic essence of analytics is to solve problems which may be sometimes simple while at other times require significant innovative thinking. Hence the skill sets required would be the numerical and technical ones. You need to be good at math & statistics and also trained on the tools like SAS, R, Python, SPSS, Hive, Pig etc.

Careers in Management

This field is one of the most preferred fields among the young job aspirants, especially from the commerce stream. To match it, there are innumerable career opportunities in diverse fields with handsome rewards in the form of attractive remuneration, good chances of career growth, better scope for professional growth. Large and reputed companies recruit young, bright and hardworking fresh graduates from campus every year directly or through the recruiters . These employers could be manufacturing organizations, Service Organizations, E Commerce companies, Banks, BPOs, Financial Institutions and retailers with lucrative job offers.

Social Work

Besides Private Business Sector or Government as an employer, there are job opportunities with NGOs / non profit organisations which work in the field of development of individuals or for a particular social cause. From organisations like UNDP, WHO to a local NGO, there are Thousands of development organisations which are working all over the world.

Social work not only grooms you up in your professional life but also give inner satisfaction. This is one of the promising field where your skills in the fields of Accounting, Stock Management, People Management, Event Management and Business Development can be utilized.


In current scenario, there is no dearth of career avenues or job opportunities for Commerce Graduates. All you need is a good knowledge, subject knowledge, good CV, smart interview skills and confidence to present yourself as one of the best candidates to the prospective employer. Some of the Career Options after Graduation in Commerce, which are currently being taken up are briefed above. AfterGraduation suggests to double check with a professional career advisor / career counselor before taking any step for your career.

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