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Career Prospects For A Qualified CA

Career prospect after doing chartered accountancy are amazing and offers multiple choice. CA can work in all the sectors of industry, including public, private and governmental agencies.

Major Companies recruit CA through campus interview for their requirements. There is wide opportunity abroad particularly Gulf countries for their oil exploration, shipping companies etc ventures.

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Few areas where CAs find an opportunity:

  • Financial Institution
  • Public Limited Companies
  • Auditing Firms
  • Finance Companies, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Companies, Investment Houses, Stock Broking Firms
  • Legal firms, Legal houses, Patent Firms, attorneys, Trade Mark and Copyright Registers
  • Educational institute

Job opportunities for a qualified Chartered Accountant are abundant. It all depends on one’s confidence level, exposure, knowledge & commitment/ dedication to undertake the job.

After Graduation Career Counseling Discussion

Finance is the life line for every industry, whether it’s manufacturing or providing services. In this era, amidst specialization & diversification, we have seen innovative roles emerging.

For instance, 7 years ago, there was nothing known as enterprise risk management. It was done for sox analysis but in India, it was not practiced. Then slowly, it emerged & EY was the first to initiate this business process in India. Now we see, risk analysis is one of their most profitable business unit.

Thus, CA is becoming an intermittent mix of knowledge & innovation! They are no longer only considered as book keepers, accountants & auditors. Down the line, risk advisory, valuations, strategy building, venturing new startups, comprehensive legal aid as major areas of growth.

With the emerging pressure of adopting IFRS, and the very recent Companies Act 2013, there is going to a huge transitional phase.

Apart from the regular Finance and Accounts jobs in corporate sector and private practice, a CA can career opportunities in the following industry –

  1. Assurance/Compliance
  2. Audit
  3. Academics
  4. Banking
  5. Cost Accountant
  6. Consultancy
  7. Corporate Finance – Capital structuring, Treasury, MIS etc
  8. Civil Services
  9. Debt syndication
  10. Financial Services
  11. Financial Reporting/Accounting & its Fields
  12. Forensic Audit assignment
  13. Information Systems functional consultancy.
  14. Investment Banking
  15. Merger & Acquisition
  16. Management Accounting
  17. Outsourcing
  18. Project Finance/Financial Advisory – Assiting CFOs / CEOs in overall strategy by giving Business Intelligence.
  19. Stock Broker
  20. Taxation both direct & indirect/ Tax Advisory services

Of course this only a very broad list with specific underlying thread of Finance. A CA can always explore working in SAP teams, Law firms, CS firms etc. These options generally require an additional qualification. (Image Courtesy :

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