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CAT 2016 : Registrations Highest In Past 7 Years

The number of aspirants for the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2016 has touched a record 7-year high with 2,32,434 registrations closed on 27 September 2016.

CAT is a mandatory admission test to the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and other top business schools. Last year, the number of registered candidates was 2,18,664.

“From the period CAT 2010 to CAT 2016, this is the highest number of applicants,” said Professor Rajendra K. Bandi, Convenor, CAT 2016. The total number of registered candidates in CAT 2015 was 2,18,664. Compared to last year, there has been a 6% rise in the number of applications in CAT 2016.

Gender Wise CAT 2016 Applicants

“While we still have a majority of male candidates 67% and Females of (33%), the percentage of female candidates has marginally increased by 1% compared to last year, which is a positive sign, but not good enough,” he added.

Gender  CAT 2015 CAT 2016
Male 68% 67%
Female 32% 33%

“However, if we look at the total increase in the applications compared to last year, which is close to 14,000, almost half of these additional applications have come from female candidates. This is a good sign.  That means, the increase of female candidates is more than the increase of male candidates,” Prof. Bandi pointed out.

Although the officials have provided the male-female ratio of CAT 2016 applications, the number of transgender applicants has not been mentioned. For CAT-2015, there were 80 transgender applicants. 

Gender Wise CAT 2016 Applicants

The number of PWD (Persons with Disability) applicants has increased from 901 in 2015 to 938 in 2016.  “In this category, the percentage of male candidates is very high (more than 80%), which is something to think about.

“Our social systems need to encourage female PWD students. However, on the positive side, the percentage of female PWD candidates has increased from 14.76% to 17.48%.  Small positive steps, but miles to go on this,” he added. The percentage of male candidates dropped from 85.24% in 2015 to 82.52% in 2016.

Among the applicants for CAT 2016, male candidates dropped by one percent to 67% from 68% in the previous year. Female representation has gone up from 32% in 2015 to 33% this year.

Gender CAT 2015 CAT 2016
Male 85.24% 82.52%
Female 14.76% 17.48%

Earlier this month, the last date for receipt of applications was extended from September 22 to September 27.  At that time, Prof. Bandi had explained that the extension was to facilitate the students who were still in the process of completing their applications. IIM Bangalore had cited ‘request from candidates’ as the reason for extending the CAT 2016 application deadline.

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By September 22, the total number of submitted applications was 2.08 lakh, far in excess of the applications for the comparable period last year, a pointer to the new record being set for CAT 2016. According to IIM-B officials, more than 25,000 applications were made during the extended registration window. 

Application Correction Option

In an earlier notification, IIM Bangalore had introduced application correction option for CAT applicants, a first-time feature for the CAT applicants. The CAT applicants can now correct the information like Some spelling mistakes, ‘Percentage of Marks scored’, ‘Work Experience’, and ‘Programmes Selected’ submitted in the CAT 2016 application form during application correction window which will be open from October 1 till October 5, 2016.

The national level computer based test, is scheduled to be held in two sessions on December 4, at centres located in 138 cities across India. The release of results in tentatively fixed for second week of January 2017. The admit card of CAT 2016 will be available from October 18 which will carry information like test schedule and test venue and exam day instructions along with the candidate details.

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