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CAT 2019 DILR Preparation: Tips and Guidance for Better Score

CAT 2019 DILR Preparation: CAT is the exam to test the more aptitude rather than the Knowledge. The CAT examination paper consists of 3 major sections – DILR (Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning)QA (Quantitative Aptitude) and VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension)DILR section in CAT contributes 32% share of the total questions in CAT examination and is considered to be one of the tricky and the challenging section of the paper. We here share the details of CAT exam paper and DILR Preparation tips to score better in CAT 2019.

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The CAT examination is one of the toughest MBA Entrance examinations to crack because of the level of competition and the amount of time a candidate gets to solve the paper. Time management is the most important factor to clear any exam.

In this article, we discuss how to prepare for DI and LR so as to score better in the CAT exam. Logical Reasoning section of CAT is usually considered to be ‘hit or miss’ type of section, that is, if the student figures out the core of the problem, then they can answer almost all the questions that follow correctly, and if not, he might not be able to answer even a single one. That is because the problem and questions that follow are based on logic which is always a binary, either you get it, or you don’t. Hence, proper strategy is very important to prepare and attempt any examination.

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There are few major key points that might help candidates in the DILR preparation for CAT Exam 2018:

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Reading Business Newspaper and Magazines

Business newspapers and magazines play a major role in preparing DILR section. It helps candidates to analyse and practice various pictorial and graphical representations like tables, charts, bar graphs etc which enhances data interpretation skills and business aptitude of the candidate. Moreover, newspapers and magazines also sharpen the candidate’s ability to think and reason through different case studies and analyses.

Quick Calculations

Data Interpretation: Candidates should be quick at calculations. They should try and do calculations mentally as much as possible to improve their overall speed. Before sitting for the CAT examination, candidates should memorise some basic calculations like squares at least till 30, cubes till 20, Sq. roots till 10, fractions to percentage conversions etc which will eventually help them to save a lot of time. Candidates should also learn how to do approximate calculations and figuring out the elimination method to get the closest answer, wherever it works.

Logical Reasoning: Candidates should make a note of different models of problems that they come across during their preparation in a separate notebook with the tricks to solve them. This will be helpful to revise it later. In this way, candidates will be able to recall if they come across a similar question in the mock test or examination and hopefully, they can solve it quickly.

Familiarity with Case lets

Caselets are one of the important types of questions asked in the CAT DILR section. A caselet basically comprises a detailed described situation followed by three-four questions. For LR, questions will be mainly on arrangements, blood relations, family tree, Venn diagrams and for DI, the questions will be from line and bar graphs, pie charts etc.


Brainstorming Activities

Solving logical reasoning questions asks a candidate to understand the unseen tricks in the question. Brainstorming sessions such as solving Sudoku, riddles on blood relations, family tree, crossword puzzles etc are also important and play a vital role in enhancing logical reasoning abilities of the students along with the regular preparations.

Comfort level with the DILR Section

Candidates should try to achieve a comfort level with the LR and DI sections and the best possible way to do it is by rigorously solving previous year CAT papers as well as mock tests. Candidate should always try to solve those question first, which they are confident about and leave the questions for later which they find unfamiliar.

More Practice

The only strategy candidate has to sheath is practice, as there is no theoretical side to DI and LR section. Practicing rigorously can help to excel the sections. The more practice of DI and LR questions, the better is the probability for them to perform and score.  “Practice makes man perfect!”

Attempting and Analysing Mock Test

CAT mock tests are practice tests that help students with their preparation and revision for the final examination. Performance analysis after attempting every mock test is more important than getting good scores in it as it helps the candidates to figure out their weaknesses and they should constantly practice and work hard to improve it.


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