CAT 2019 Preparation Strategy to score good in CAT, MBA Entrance Exams section wise preparation Strategy, how to prepare CAT 2019 in 2 months, preparation Tips for CAT 2019 section wise syllabus
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CAT 2019 Preparation Strategy to Score Good

CAT 2019 Preparation Strategy: Is it possible to crack the CAT exam with a good score in the remaining 80-85 days? This is one of the common queries that most CAT aspirants have in mind right now. The answer definitely is a big YES! but with proper and scheduled CAT 2019 preparation Strategy, determination, patience and dedication.

The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2019 will be held on November 24 for admission to MBA programme in the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and some other major B-Schools in the country. IIM Kozhikode is the official CAT 2019 conducting institute.

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CAT 2019 Preparation Strategy

We with the guidance of top faculties and CAT earlier toppers proposing the following strategies to score well in CAT 2019 examination.

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Understand the CAT Paper Pattern

Understand the format and glance through the types of questions appearing in the CAT, followed by taking the mock test, solving sample papers and get the first-hand feel of the pattern. This will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your preparation and help in strategizing.

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Completion of the CAT Syllabus

Once understood what needs to be done, the primary focus should be on completing the CAT 2019 syllabus at the earliest. Still its more than two months, which is a good time to complete the syllabus. Understanding the basics is the right key to open the gates of MBA Admission process. Let discuss more on how to Prepare CAT 2019 Section Wise

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Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension is one of the scoring and challenging section in MBA Entrance exams and imperative to score much better in the English language section. Follow the below preparation tips which will enable you to score good marks in the Verbal section.

  • Start with developing a reading habit and reading from a wide variety of areas like Psychology, Metaphysics, Sociology, etc. on a daily basis.
  • While reading, try comprehending the article from the author’s perspective and summarize the passage. It will also help in developing the vocabulary.
  • Get the basics rules of grammar and how to use it.
  • After doing the aforementioned exercise for about ten days, move on to critically examine various commonly asked inferential questions.
  • Also, keep going through para formation questions in the process.


DI and LR section requires a lot of practice to score better in the CAT examLogical Reasoning section of CAT is usually considered to be ‘hit or miss’ type of section, that is, if the student figures out the core of the problem, then they can answer almost all the questions that follow correctly, and if not, he might not be able to answer even a single one.

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For the starters, go through the basic speed math techniques and the concepts of reciprocals and percentages before starting this section. In 15-20 days Know about the various types of sets asked. Generally, the question asked in the exam paper are related to Games and Tournaments, Venn Diagrams, Cubes and Maximization and Minimization. Over the 10-15 days, practise about 4-5 sets each from various chapters to clear the basics.

Eventually, start taking the LRDI online sectional tests to improve your time management skills and reasoning skills. Scan through the past 10 years CAT papers to acquaint yourself with the types of sets being asked. Ensure that every week you solve about 25-30 sets of different patterns to increase the familiarity with the sets in CAT.

Quant Section

Set the following deadline for quant preparation with a focused approach:

1. Arithmetic 20 days
2. Numbers 5 days
3. Geometry and Mensuration 7 days
4. Algebra 20-25 days
5. Permutation and Combination and Probability 3 days
  • In this span of about 60 days, your target should be to complete the CAT Quant syllabus and regular revision of the completed topics by solving various questions from the topic-wise sectional tests.
  • dWhile preparation, note down all the important formulae, tricks, important questions in your handbook. This will help you during the time of revision.

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Frequency of Mock Test

Month No. of mocks
September 5
October 6-8
November 4-5

Along with taking the mocks analysis at a micro level is a must. Identify the topics/concepts/areas that you are weak at and have been consistently getting them wrong. Work and improve these. Take more sectional tests of those particular areas to strengthen them. After taking about 6-7 mocks, focus on the time taken to solve a particular question, the accuracy percentage, the reading speed, the effectiveness in scanning the questions, and target the doable ones.

All the Best CAT 2019 Aspirants..!!

These are some important variables that will give you an edge to take yourself to the best level possible. Here you got the details of CAT 2019 preparation strategy, Exam Pattern and Preparation Tips for each section of the syllabus, Guidance to Score better among other details. Please post your Feedback or Comments regarding this article, on our AfterGraduation Forum or in below comment box.

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