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CAT 2019 VARC Section Preparation to Score Better

CAT 2019 VARC Section Preparation: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) is one of the scoring and challenging section of any MBA Entrance exams. We in this article focuses on one of the important queries of CAT Aspirants “How to Prepare CAT 2019 VARC Section to Score Better?” For any MBA Entrance exam, Candidates need to focus properly for VARC section preparation to score better.

Since its just 2+ months left for the CAT 2019 examination, which is scheduled for November 24, 2019, the atmosphere for CAT 2019 aspirants will be critical. To make things easier we will be covering each section of CAT Exam –  Verbal Ability And Reasoning Comprehension (VARC), Quantitative Ability (QA), Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning (DILR) and explaining the key points which one must know to crack that particular section with higher score.

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In this article, we guide completely on how to go for CAT 2019 VARC section preparation. The overall time required for the VARC section preparation is less than other sections.

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CAT VARC Section

The VARC section is divided into two sections :

Verbal Ability: This part of VARC section consists of 30% of the whole section with a total number of 10 questions. The basis of this section is the English language, vocabulary, and Grammar.

2 Reading Comprehension (RC): This part of VARC section tests the candidates reading capability and understanding power. From this section 5 passages will be asked, out of which 3 would be long and 2 short. RC covers 70% of the whole section with a total of 24 questions.

CAT 2019 VARC Section Exam Pattern

Total Number of VARC Questions (tentative) 34
Total Marks of VARC section 102
Estimated time Given 60 minutes
Marks for each Correct Answer (MCQ and Non-MCQ) 3 marks
Marks deducted for each Incorrect Answer (MCQ only) 1 mark
Total Number of MCQs 24
Total Number of Non-MCQs 10

1. Multiple Type Questions have multiple choice out of which one is correct. For each correct answer, 3 marks are awarded to the candidate and for each incorrect answer, 1 mark is deducted.

2. Non-MCQ typed Question will also award you 3 marks for each correct answer and no marks will be deducted for incorrect answer. Such questions need to be answered on a virtual keyboard via mouse.

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VARC Section Question Format

Verbal Ability section constitutes of Paragraph Forming (Para Jumbled Questions), Summary/Inference of short paragraph, questions on Jumbled paragraphs, Sentence Correction, Vocabulary-Usage in context, synonyms, antonyms & analogies, etc. You need to focus on-

  • fill in the blanks based on vocabulary and grammatical knowledge.
  • For Sentence Correction, the knowledge of grammar, the rules and exceptions especially needed.
  • Questions on jumbled paragraphs consist of sentences out of which odd is to be selected

Reading Comprehension constitutes Passages based on Current affairs; Social and Economic issues; Literature; Science & Culture; Abstract topics; history & fiction, Writing Styles. The question pattern from the RC section is as below-

  • Central Idea questions are related to the main aim or the highlighted idea of the author.
  • Vocabulary refers to the candidate’s ability to give the meanings of words stated in the passage.
  • Critical Reasoning refers to the candidate’s logical reasoning if provided with some nasic ideas.

CAT 2019 VARC Section Preparation Tips and Tricks

1. Be a Reader

The most important part of VARC section is reading passages in speed with keeping the references to the context. So for this one need to read magazines, newspapers, novels etc and not just read but also try to summarize what you have read to relate to the context. Keep marking the new words, try to learn their meanings.

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2. Memorize or Understand Grammar

It would be the best one understands the rules of grammar and apply them but as we know it’s pretty difficult because English Grammar has more exceptions than rules, so it would be best to stick on memorizing, memorize the rules, golden rules, exceptions and try to solve questions on them to make concepts crystal clear.

3. Vocabulary needs Attention

When it comes to reading comprehension one can conceptualize and relate the meanings for a particular word but in the VERBAL section one require good knowledge of words.

4. Non-MCQs are Equally Important

Usually, CAT aspirants take non-MCQs lightly, which shouldn’t be done as particularly in VARC section. They are 10 in numbers which means you have 30 marks relied on these, the most interesting part is that they don’t have any negative markings, so it’s beneficial to attempt those.

5. Mock Tests and Sample Papers

The best way to know the level of any examination is through their previous year’s question papers and sample papers. In the last 2 months, give a mock test every week and analyze your performance and weak areas.

6. Don’t Attempt All

You need 100 percentile, not 100 marks, these two are different things. You need just 78-80 marks to get a 95+ percentile so focus on 25-28 questions and not on all. Don’t hesitate to leave a question you are uncertain about because it can cost you negative marking.

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All the Best for CAT Preparation!!

Here you got the details on “VARC Section Preparation For CAT 2019 to Score Better” which includes VARC question pattern, VARC section Preparation Tips, Guidance to Score better among other details. It’s just a 2+ month left for the final show, all you need to be determined and focus on the bigger goal. Nobody said it was gonna be easy but all say it’s worth the struggle.

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