CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude Section - Preparation Tips, Reference Books, Strategy to Crack CLAT 2019 in 2 Months for UG/PG Law Admission in NLU.
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CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude Section Preparation Tips

CLAT 2019 Preparation: Legal aptitude section is deemed as one of the hardest and major section in the CLAT exam. A good score in this section fetches a good rank in the Law Entrance Exam. Law aspirants must check the tips and guidance for CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude section to have a better overall score and achieve the dream of high rank in CLAT exam and admission into their desired NLUs.

CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude section checks your legal acumen to the highest level possible and this is exactly why I must break the myth that you can crack this section in a month’s preparation.

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CLAT 2019 will be conducted by National Law University Odisha, Cuttack (NLUO). This Law Entrance examination for admission in NLUs will be administered offline (pen and paper mode). CLAT 2019 exam is rescheduled to May 26, 2019, from its earlier scheduled date of May 12, 2019, to avoid a clash with Lok Sabha Election. CLAT examination is held every year by an NLU for admissions to undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes in the engaging National Law Universities core committee for CLAT.

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This Article highlights what legal aptitude is and why regular preparation is pertinent to obtain a good score in the CLAT exam. Candidates should know that to qualify an entrance exam hard work, dedication, good strategies, properly planned timetable, and honesty is required. If a candidate lacks any one of these it becomes tough to crack the exam. Check out the below article for further information about preparation tips and guidance on CLAT 2019 legal aptitude section.

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Reference Books for CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude Section

For CLAT legal aptitude section 2019 preparation, candidates can go for the following books listed below for better score-

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S.No. Books Names Author Names
1. Legal Aptitude/logical reasoning (6th edition) A.P. Bhardwaj
2. Complete CLAT companion for Legal Aptitude. (Both Reasoning and Knowledge) Harsh Gagrani
3. LegaL e-magazine provided by LegalEdge for Current Legal Knowledge.
4. Logical Reasoning R.K Gupta

CLAT 2019 Legal Aptitude Section Preparation Tips

1. Time Management – It’s not even two months for the CLAT 2019 exams so candidates have to had a grip on time management, which is one of the important Mantra to clear the CLAT exam.

2. Daily problem solving and Revision – Revision is the pinnacle of every exam you prepare for.  Revision should be the smart revision, not like the old technique of revising the whole syllabus. Keep the important points ticked during your preparation for the smart revision. Solve the problems on a regular basis till the date of the exam, that will help you to improve your problem-solving technique and will also improve in your time consumption system.

3. Doubts Clarification – It is very necessary for a candidate to clarify his/her doubts. The doubts are like portholes in the roads they create confusion in the candidate’s mind. Candidates can solve the questions more correctly if they will have no doubts.

4. Study in solitude – Candidates have to keep in mind that a single disturbance can distract their concentration from the study. So better study in solitude rather than a hoisy-noisy place to prevent yourself from the distractions.

5. Solve sample papers and mock tests – Candidates must solve the sample papers, previous years papers, Mock Tests regularly. Analysis of the attempt and results will help to rework on your preparation plan. With this, candidates can work on the topics in which they are weak and improve their ability to solve those questions. The candidates who are going to give CLAT had to solve a minimum of 80 mock tests paper before the exams. With the help of mock tests, candidates can check their preparation level and can improve it further.

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Important Topics

Important topics that should be gripped by the candidates –

  • General theory of Law of Torts
  • Contracts and Criminal Law
  • Constitution and Polity
  • Legal Reasoning based on factual situations and legal principles, which is the most important part.
  • Assertion- Reasoning
  • Legal Knowledge
  • Legal GK including Legal History
  • Legal Maxims

Preparation Strategy to Crack CLAT 2019 in two Months –

S.NO Do’s Don’ts
1 Candidates are advised to attempt at least one mock test in a week. Ignore certain topics (Learn to select questions not topics)
2 Check your test-taking strategy in the mock tests. Make an EGO issue for the questions if it’s not solving, better take help from friends and faculty.
3 Revise the whole course in the shortcuts and strategies you learned during the preparation. Study for longer periods of time without taking breaks. Studies show that the person can only concentrate for an average of 50 minutes. After that, your ability to concentrate and learn span decline. Learn to take appropriate breaks
4 Time Allocation strategy for sections – How much time do you plan to spend on each of the sections? In particular, make the strategy to devote how much time  to each section based on your strength/weakness Procrastination and Overconfidence

Note: Don’t rely on others for your practice. Prepare for your weakness; practice daily as if the exam is very next day.

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AfterGraduation wishes All the best for CLAT exam and Start Your preparation with a positive attitude and passion.

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