CLAT 2019 Preparation Without Coaching, Check CLAT Exam Pattern,CLAT Preparation Plans and Tips
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CLAT 2019 Preparation Without Coaching, Check Exam Pattern, Preparation Plans and Tips

CLAT 2019 Preparation Without Coaching – is for the law aspirants, who can’t afford or do not wish to take up separate coaching classes and more interested for self-study for law entrance exams. Students can work hard and prepare well without coaching to crack CLAT 2019  with a good score. We here provide the guidance on how to prepare CLAT 2019 without coaching, CLAT exam pattern, major topics to prepare, Study plan, Preparation Strategy, tips and guidance to crack the law entrance exams.

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Common Law Admission Test or CLAT is an examination which is a standard to select or filter the future law protectors of the country. Most of the law aspirant students in the country prepare hard and take up this exam to get admission into the best law schools in India to fulfil their future professional goal. This article sheds light on tips and suggestions on CLAT 2019 preparation without coaching and cracks it with good scores.

The ultimate goal of law aspirants preparing for CLAT is to get shortlisted for the undergraduate law programme in one of the 20 National Law Universities (NLUs). It is advised to start the CLAT preparation as early as possible to achieve this goal, and the ideal time to begin preparation is just after passing 11 Standard. It is pre-assumed by the aspirants and their guardians that coaching guidance is essential but in order to crack coveted national-level law entrance exams like CLAT, hard word, passion and dedication is required.

However, the truth is that coaching is not at all necessary for cracking CLAT. The only thing that matters is the approach of the candidate towards the preparation and dedication towards reaching the goal. The amount of hard work that candidates put behind their preparations is much greater and valuable than any other coaching institutions’ medications.

The coaching institutes only show the path, the candidates are the ones who have to walk on that path and cross all obstacles before finally reaching their target. They have to put their hard work, practice and strategize so as to achieve the goal. As it is said, one can only take the horse to the pond, not make him drink water. If an aspirant is self-determined and hard-working enough, there is no need of external coaching guidance to crack CLAT or any other examination.

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CLAT 2019 Exam Pattern

CLAT examination is conducted through the online platform and it comprises of total 200 questions of one mark each. The time duration of the examination is 2 hours i.e 120 minutes. The questions are multiple choice objective-type with one correct answer out of four different options. The correct answer consists of one mark whereas an incorrect answer results in a deduction of 0.25 marks from the total test score. The 200 objective-type questions are divided into five sections namely General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, English, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics.

Exam pattern for CLAT UG

Subjects Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Logical Reasoning 40 Questions 40 Marks
Legal Aptitude 50 Questions 50 Marks
Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability) 20 Questions 20 Marks
General Knowledge and Current Affairs 50 Questions 50 Marks
English including Comprehension 40 Questions 40 Marks
Total 200 Questions 200 Marks

Exam Pattern for CLAT PG 

Subjects Number of Questions Maximum Marks
Jurisprudence 50 Questions 50 Marks
Constitutional Law 50 Questions 50 Marks
Other law subjects like Law of Contracts, Law of Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, Family Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, etc
50 Questions 50 Marks
Total 150 Questions 150 Marks

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Tips and Tricks for CLAT 2019 Preparation Without Coaching

Given below are few tips and tricks for law aspirants who plan to prepare for CLAT on their own.

Preparation Plan and Strategy

CLAT 2019 or any competitive exam for that case requires a proper preparation plan and strategy. The good preparation strategy points out the plans which can help the candidate to ultimately crack CLAT 2019. The preparation strategy may differ from person to person as each and every individual has a different way to grasp the things.

One should find the best-suited strategy for him/her and plan his/her preparation accordingly. Copying or adopting someone else’s planned strategy might not always work as candidates have their unique strengths and weaknesses and they might not be comfortable in the approach some other person takes to cover the topics. Sticking to the plan and following it religiously is also very important as there is no sense in planning if it is not executed properly. Changing strategies should be avoided so as to not decrease the efficiency of preparation.

Early Preparation

Starting early is very important and essential tip for self-preparing aspirants as it gives them more time to complete and sharpen their basics and move onto practising mock tests and test papers. This dramatically increases the chances to crack the law admission test. It helps them to gain in-depth knowledge of the topics and cover and revise them completely before appearing for the examination.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus Clarity

The syllabus and exam pattern should be very clear to the candidate before starting the preparation for CLAT 2019. Understanding the CLAT 2019 syllabus and exam pattern is very important so as to minimize the hard work and maximize the smart work. Knowing the syllabus helps in knowing how much to study from the specific topic for the national-level law exam, this helps in time reduction and also only the specific amount of information which is required is taken which minimizes memory overloading and confusion. When a candidate knows the exam pattern and syllabus properly, he/ she can focus on the specific topics and leave the topics which are not necessary to be studied for the exam.

Regular Revision

Revising is a very important factor in almost all competitive exams. Loading up the mind with new information without revisiting the previously loaded information often results in information loss as memory tends to make space for the new information being loaded by deleting the unvisited information. Revision helps the candidate to prevent this situation by brushing up the already read facts, and further helps in memorizing it. With the regular revision, candidates are able to keep up with the latest information even as keeping intact the previously covered topics.

Doubt Clearance

A small doubt can be the difference between a correct answer and an incorrect answer, or in other words, positive 1 mark increase in the total score or negative marking of 0.25 marks from the total score. So it is important that a candidate sits in the exam without having any doubts in his/her mind. They should clear their doubts in whichever means they can find, the internet being the most easily accessible means if there is no one to guide the self-preparator.

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Time Management

While preparing for examinations like CLAT, time management is one of the most important factors which needs to be given maximum priority during preparation. There are total 200 questions to be attempted in 120 minutes, which means that a candidate has around 1.5 minutes for each question on an average. It is necessary to plan the approach of attempting the paper, as in, attempting the stronger sections first in as less time as possible so that there is more time for lengthier or harder section of the paper. Also, a candidate needs to learn to manage the 65-second time to read, think and attempt one question while preparing for CLAT 2019. This can only be done through regular revision, daily practice and regular mock tests and preparation analysis.

Previous Years’ Papers Analysis

Analysing previous year’ papers helps candidates to get an idea of the type of questions they might face in the examination and the difficulty level of the questions. They get an overview of the questions, giving them an idea about what type of questions they need to attempt or leave and it helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses topic wise as per the real exam level and this gives them an idea about which section they need to improve and work hard more.

Online Mock Tests

Online mock tests will help the aspirants to analyze their preparations for CLAT 2019. The mock tests are the best medium to get an idea about the topics, subjects, and questions in which the candidates lag behind and need to improve. The aspirants should take as many mock tests as possible after once completing their basic preparation.

Weaknesses and Strengths

A CLAT aspirant should know his/her own capabilities and weaknesses, about subjects they have a good command and also subjects that need their special focus. The candidates only need to strengthen their capability by practicing, clearing each and every doubt and work hard to improve in the areas in which they’re weak.


A candidate should be self-motivated to achieve their goal and it should reflect in his/her attitude. Candidates should be confident about their hard work and efforts and should have faith in themselves. They should constantly fire up the desire to reach their goal and should aim for the very top.

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