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Importance Of Rankings For MBA Aspirants  


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19/02/2018 12:42 am  

This is a discussion on AfterGraduation's new article "Importance Of B-School Rankings For MBA Aspirants".

The MBA has become one of the most popular master’s programs and arguably the branded management program worldwide. The popularity means huge global demand for MBAs which is met by thousands of business schools offering an equally wide range of different programs. B-School rankings are highly influential for graduates when ascertaining the degree of respect that employers hold for their business school and subsequently their MBA degree.

Consequently, a lot of MBA aspirants browse through B-School rankings with a great deal of interest. Independent ranking systems can help inform your decision but it’s important to think carefully about what each ranking system means. These systems are controversial in the business school world, yet they have become a very popular way to compare different programs and their providers.

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