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Do And Don’t For CAT 2017 Exam Day

In order to avoid chaos at the time of examination, you must first carefully read all the details mentioned on your admit Card provided by Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) Lucknow, the organizing authority of  Common Admission Test 2017. The IIMs have regulated strict guidelines for the test takers to follow at the time of the exam. With just a few day left for CAT 2017 Exam Day, understand the details of what the test takers must do and carry at the exam time to the test centre.

With few hours left for CAT 2017, you should be prepared for the Exam Day Strategy along with the instructions, guidelines stated by IIM Lucknow. If some of the instructions are misinterpreted, confusion and panic may result on the exam day. You may tend to overlook these important instructions along with the stress of the exam, but your ignorance can make you suffer later.

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To avoid last-minute hustle, AfterGraduation will support CAT 2017 aspirants to know all about the instructions, the Do And Don’t to be followed, and what to carry at the test centre on CAT 2017 Exam day.

Few day prior to CAT, the stress level is at an all-time high, resulting in confusions and low level of confidence. This feature has a list of Mistakes that you must avoid in CAT 2017 to ace the test with confidence and secure a good percentile.  Here are some basic yet crucial CAT 2017 exam day tips to know how not to turn your hard work into a waste.

Do Remember on CAT 2017 Exam Day

  • Carry Your Admit Card

If you forget to carry your CAT 2017 admit card you might not be allowed to appear in the test. This is the most important document to be taken at the time of examination.  You must download your admit card on priority if haven’t downloaded yet and also paste your recent color photograph.

As the instructions clearly say that the signature should be made in front of the invigilator, So Do not sign earlier. Read the admit card instructions and follow the same. Also, ensure that the print out of the admit card is legible, your image is not blurred and the name is readable. 

  • Carry Your ID Proof

You need to carry any of the mentioned photo identity proof – Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, UID card, Driver’s     license, employer’s identification card, college ID (this must be supported/validated with a valid College/University and your name).

  • Locate your Test Centre

Ensure that you know the direction and the travel time so that you can plan the day better and reach before reporting time at the right test center on your CAT 2017 exam day.

  • Enough Sleep Before Exam Day

A good quality of sleep let your brain relax and makes your mind fresh. Waking up with a fresh mind will let you feel good about the test, remove nervousness and gives positives. Taking enough sleep before the test is a must do for every CAT 2017 aspirants.

  • Relax and Stay Confident

Relaxation should be the main mantra a day before your CAT. You have worked hard enough so far and even if you have not, you cannot make it up in few hours, so the best way is to soothe your nerves by doing something that relaxes you the most. Confidence is the key to success, so do not be nervous at all.

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Remember Don’t

  • Last Minute Preparations 

If you have not prepared for any topic so far, do not even try to start it just before few hours for the test. Neither would you be able to grasp it nor would you be able to revise your already prepared topics properly. It is alright to leave out few topics. It will only create confusion and panic at the last moment.

Research has also shown that studying a day before the exam crowds your short term memory resulting in interference with your long-term memory. In simpler terms, you can forget what you have learned and saved in your brain and result in bad decision-making skills. Avoid starting any news topic or revising; just keep your mind off studies for a while.

  • Carry Calculator and Stationery Items

Since you will be able to access the on-screen calculator for computing, you are not required to take any personal calculators for the test.

It is advisable to take only a pen and pencil for the test. CAT is a Computer Based Test (CBT), where students are required to carry minimum stationery items. You will be provided with a pencil and a sheet to do rough work.

  • Carry Any Certificates or Documents

Carrying any document besides admit card and identity proof is inadmissible. You are not permitted to carry any documents or even blank papers to the test.

  • Carry Timer or Watch

It is advisable not to carry any Timer/watch at the test centre. The CAT computer system will have an on-screen timer to let you know how much time is left to complete the section. The total duration of the test is three hours, with a sectional limit of 60 minutes for each section to complete.

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  • Carry Bags, Purses or Phone

No bags, wallet/purse or mobile phones are allowed inside the test centre, you will be asked to keep the bags outside the examination premises.

  • Wear Closed Footwear

Candidates must not wear shoes or any other closed footwear at the time of the test. If you are seen with closed footwear, you will have to leave the footwear (including socks) outside the exam hall. You can wear open footwear like chappals, sandals etc.

  • Colorful Palms

On the day of the test, your digital fingerprint scan will be captured. Candidates whose fingerprints cannot be digitally scanned due to reasons like applying colors etc., will not be permitted to take the test. It is recommended that you avoid applying Mehandi on your hands (palm side) for at least 5 days prior to the test. All this has been mentioned by the CAT officials.

  • Loose Confidence, Focus

You have prepared hard and hard work always pays. Stay strong and determined by your Preparation Strategy. If you lose confidence and focus, your productivity gets affected. Be confident, let your mind relax and focus on the test.

Basic Instructions for CAT 2017

1. Candidates will be provided with 180 minutes for attempting the CAT 2017 examination and for PwD category candidates, additional 20 minutes for each section will be given 240 minutes to attempt the examination.

2. No candidate is allowed to leave the examination hall before 180 minutes which is the completion of the exam.

3. As soon as candidates will start answering questions about one section the timer will start. After 60 mins, the timer will stop and the particular section will be locked, the submit button will be activated on the screen as they have to submit the first section attempted. If you do not submit, it will be auto-submitted.

4. After submission/auto-submission summary of solved answers will be displayed on the screen. After this second section of the examination will appear on screen and process will repeat for all 3 sections.

You have been preparing for CAT 2017 for many months now. You must have tried various exam strategies, made your basics clear, have had a time management strategy, and given quite a lot of Mock Tests to ace the test. But a small mistake on the exam day can make all the months’ hard work a waste.

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!! AfterGraduation wishes CAT 2017 Aspirants a very Best Luck !!

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