Ecology and Evolution GATE 2020 Exam Pattern, Preparation Tips and Scope.Candidates appearing for Ecology and Evolution (EY) subject in GATE 2020 must know GATE 2020 Ecology and Evolution syllabus, Best reference books to study, GATE 2020 Exam Pattern and preparation tips of the subject for better GATE score.
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Ecology and Evolution GATE 2020 Exam Pattern, Preparation Tips and Scope

Candidates appearing for Ecology and Evolution (EY) subject in GATE 2020 must know GATE 2020 Ecology and Evolution syllabus, Best reference books to study, GATE 2020 Exam Pattern and preparation tips of the subject for better GATE score.

GATE i.e. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is a national level examination to be held by IIT Delhi on 01, 02, 08 and 09 February. The GATE score is a gateway for admissions to postgraduate studies in engineering (ME, MTech, MS, Direct PhD) in top premier technical institutes and also give an option by PSUs recruitment.

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This article will help the candidates who are appearing to GATE 2020 Ecology and Evolution examination. In this article, we will let you know about the GATE 2020 syllabus for ecology and evolution engineering, exam pattern, best reference books for you to study EY, preparation tips for GATE 2020 examination and scope of the subject.

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Ecology and Evolution GATE 2020 Exam Pattern

While preparing for the exam students must also be well versed with the exam pattern of GATE 2020 for Ecology and Evolution. The GATE 2020 exam will be conducted through online mode. In GATE 2020 exam there will be multiple choices questions (MCQs) and numerical answer type (NAT) questions that candidates have to attempt.

  1. Multiple Choice Questions which are objective type questions each having 4 choices of answers. They are of 1 or 2 marks in all Sections. It also includes negative marking. Hence, for each correct answer 1 will be added and for each incorrect answer 0.33 mark will be deducted and for each 2 marker question correct answer gives 2 marks and incorrect answer deducts 0.66 marks.
  2. Numeric Answer Questions are different from MCQs. There will not be any options for these questions and answers for these question which are real numbers have to inserted by virtual keypad appeared on the monitor via mouse. These questions also carry 1 or 2 marks in different sections. No negative marking is there for the same.

Below given table will describe some more details about GATE 2020 Ecology and Evolution Engineering exam.

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Feature Details
Duration of Exam 3 hours
Total Number of Questions 65 (out of which 10 questions carrying a total of 15 marks will be on General Aptitude).
Total Marks 100
Sections In total there will be two sections in GATE 2020 Ecology and Evolution examination.

1. General Aptitude which contains 15% of total marks weigh.

2. EY Subject Questions which contain rest of 85% of total marks.

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GATE 2020 Ecology and Evolution Preparation Tips

1. It is important to have thorough about the exam pattern and GATE EY latest syllabus. Guidance from a Good coaching institute or a good mentor can help you during preparation.

2. Study materials: Choose books and study materials which are the best for you. There are several standard study materials available in the market. Choose the one with the best explanations and which is easy to understand. Study with the best reference books as mentioned in the earlier article that cover all the basic topics and GATE Syllabus.

3. Time table: An efficient study plan is consists of the time table with sufficient time allocated for every section. Know your weak areas. Allot time in a way so as to cover every topic efficiently without costing the time for other sections.

4. Practice as many questions as possible: Doing so not only highlights your weak areas but also helps you to manage the time. It also brings out a variety of questions which might be new. Go through the previous year’s question papers, Sample papers and practice those for better clarity of exam pattern and preparation.

5. Make Notes: These are very handy during the examination. Include important concepts, formulas in the notes. These will help in revision during exam times.

6. Revision is the most important thing after studying the subjects. Always revise the subject after completing the topic. It will help to find your weak area.

7. Candidates who are appearing for GATE exam are requested to attend mock tests so it will let you know your actual preparation for the exam. You have to learn time management skills by practising more and more. In the last 3 months of the exam, take the mock tests on a weekly basis to develop the speed and accuracy in solving questions.

8. It is very important to keep a healthy mind and body. Do not forget to take adequate sleep and eat healthily. Always find leisure activities to relax. Listen to music, hang out with friends, participate in family and social functions, watch TV etc after achieving your daily, weekly preparation milestone. Keep this Mantra Do Not Give Up..!!

Scope in Ecology and Evolution

There are many opportunities in Ecology and Evolution subject if you have passion and interest in the subject. You can be –

  1. Eminent Professors.
  2. Evolutionary Biologist
  3. Conservation Biologist
  4. Ecologist
  5. Geneticist
  6. Entomologist
  7. Ornithologist
  8. Paleoanthropologist
  9. Palaeontologist
  10. Marine biologist

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