GATE 2018 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Preparation Strategy
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GATE 2018 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Preparation Strategy

Electronics and Communication Engineering is the utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in the field of communications. Electronic Communications engineers engage in research, design, development, and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems. Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is one of the relatively preferred branches in GATE exam along with ME, CSE, Chemical, EE, CE and IN.

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2018 exam will be held on February 3-4 and February 10-11, 2018. Many PSUs have advertised for Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates through GATE Score for their recruitment. It is time for the GATE 2018 aspirants to start their preparation in a serious and intense manner, but before that, it requires proper planning, a road map to reach the aim of GATE 2018 better Score.

As far as guidance concerned, AfterGraduation can share the basic mantras that worked perfectly for all candidates. AfterGraduation brings the Syllabus, books to be referred for GATE preparation, understanding the GATE pattern and Guidance for preparing and scoring well in GATE 2018 exam. 

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Know the GATE 2018 Electronics and Communication Engineering Syllabus

The first step the students need to take is to collect the correct syllabus. This step will ensure to prepare only those subjects from which the questions are asked in the GATE exam. The same will prevent unnecessary time wastage by studying non-important topics.

This requires a good checking of the GATE 2018 Syllabus for EC Engineering to know in detail the topics that need to be covered. You can plan your preparation after segregation of the topics into difficult, easy and to be learned. The topics you are strong in need to be revised while the others require a good effort. It is the important exercise to be clear in your Gate 2018 preparation. Mark the Subjects and topic according to weightage and prepare with more weightage subjects or something that interests you.

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Understand the Pattern

First of all, make a clear understanding about GATE exam. GATE exam is online and the questions asked are objective type. There are two types of questions: multiple choice and numerical answer type. There are 3 sections.

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1) Electronics and Communication Engineering (70%)

2) Aptitude (15%)

3) Engineering Mathematics (15%)

The aptitude problems are based on basic math and English skills and are very easy. Concentrate more on general aptitude, this will be quite easy to score more.  The course for the Mathematics portion is vast but the questions asked are relatively easy. It would be better to cover all the topics as it is the high scoring portion. Most questions are short and based on direct application of formulae.

The most important part is Electronics and Communication engineering. This section is comparatively difficult and requires sincere effort. GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering syllabus consist special, and core topics. Both core and special topics are taken from your 4 years engineering course.

Reference Books & Authors

The next step that must be followed by the students is to start studying those basic books of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) that cover the syllabus topics. It is necessary to clear the basic concepts first, which is must to score well. Check the books recommended by GATE Toppers as well as GATE experts below for preparation.



Books and Authors

1. Engineering Mathematics B.S. Grewal
2. Network Fundamental of electric circuits by Charles K. Alexander, Mathew N.O. Sadiku,

Circuit Theory by A.Chakraborty,

Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg.

3. Signals & Systems Signals & system by Alan V. Oppenheim,

Modern digital and analog Communications system by BP Lathi.

4. Analog Circuits Microelectronic circuits by Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth Carless Smith,

Integrated electronics by Millman & Halkias,

Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert L Boylestad & Nashelsky,

Pulse and Digital Electronics by Millman and Taub.

5. Electronic devices Semiconductor Physics And Devices by Donald A. Neamen,

Electronic Devices and Circuits by Millman & Halkias,

Reference book II- Integrated electronics solid state devices by Ben G. Streetman Sanjay Banerjee.

6. Electromagnetic Theory Engineering electromagnetic by William H. Hayt Jr., John A. Buck,

Elements of Electromagnetics by Matthew N.O. Sadiku,

Electromagnetic waves by R.K. Shevgaonkar,

Antenna Theory by Balanis.

7. Control Systems Control systems engineering by I.J Nagrath,

Automatic Control Systems by B.C. Kuo.

8. Digital Circuits Digital Electronic Principles and applications by Ronald J. Toccii,

Digital logic & computer design by M.Morris Mano.

9. Communication System Communication system by Simon S. Haykin,

Principle of Communication System by Taub& Schillings,

Modern digital and analog Communications System by BP Lathi.

10. General Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude by CAT by Arun Sharma,

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Agarwal.

11. MCQ book Gate ECE by R.K Kanodia.

I will suggest to following the text book that you are most comfortable. The main thing is to be clear your fundamentals before appearing for any exam.

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Study Plan and Preparation Strategy

  • Take a print out of the syllabus and mark the details of your comfortability over the topic and weightage of the different topic in the exam.
  • Whatever subjects that are common to your current semester and GATE exam, or some tough subjects you have already done in previous semesters, start doing them. Don’t follow the Rattafication but build your concepts.
  • Note the important concept and formulae along side. Besides, whenever you find some important trick while solving problems, note it down in your handbook.This would be useful in revising in the last days of exam.
  • Make small targets, daily targets, weekly targets. At this stage, completing 3-4 topics including the mock test every day would be okay. Revise each topic completed, after 7-15 days so that you don’t forget it.
  • Keep targets of 2 or 3 subjects in a month along with practice questions.
  • Take a break of a day in between subjects, if you feel things are getting hectic.
  • Google good portals for GATE in Electronics and Communication Engineering, join some facebook group.
  • Have faith in yourself. Request your friends and parents to motivate you daily. The most difficult task would be to keep up your motivation high since the time is long.
  • Don’t ever think about the results. Keep doing your share of efforts.

Practise GATE Sample Papers

Experts and Toppers firmly believe that one of the important exercises in GATE Preparation is practice with the help of previous year GATE papers. There are many advantages to this:

  • GATE Question Paper Pattern becomes familiar and you can get comfortable knowing the pattern of questions to expect.
  • The type of questions that may be asked in the actual exam can be generally gauged along with the difficulty levels of questions with constant practice.
  • With more practice, you can improve your speed and hone your time management skills.
  • You can plan your exam strategy by solving as many as possible sample papers.

The best preparation for Gate is solving last year papers. You get all of them on the GATE website.

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GATE Mock Test

The mock test is the simulation of GATE exam and is online. Aspirants are advised to attempt it so that they get a fair idea of the actual entrance test. The GATE Mock Test will have an online calculator, timer and, will just be like the real GATE exam. So it is advantageous to attempt it in order to get a feel of the exam.

Not to Missed Guidelines during Preparation

  • Preparation in the best manner that is suited to you. Scheduling and planning are very important.
  • Prepare short notes on all topics during your study for GATE. This can be used for revision in the last days of GATE preparation.
  • Ensure that you cover Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude in the course of your preparation. Preparing for them and doing them well will ensure a good score.

After completing B.Tech or B.E, most of the students who want to make their career in research and development, they look forward to masters. Getting a master’s degree from reputed universities like IIT, IISC etc. increases the importance and knowledge of his field. When anyone qualifies GATE, it means he/she has good engineering knowledge. That’s why R&D companies and organizations demand GATE qualified score.

Cracking GATE examination requires proper study strategy, determination and focus. It requires constant efforts towards each subject in clearing up the basic concepts to obtain good marks. Also, keep in mind that GATE exam is much easy than other exams. This is a single exam in India in which around 15 % students get success. Otherwise, in other exams like IES, IAS – success is not more than 2%. So don’t lose your confidence at the end of GATE exam.

We would love your inputs and suggestions to bring more useful articles for GATE aspirants. Drop all your queries or comments on our Aftergraduation Forum and we would be happy to help you.

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