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GATE 2018 Preparation in Last Two Months For Better GATE Score

Preparation is a continuous thing and not a milestone. You are always in a preparation mode before you finally sit for the exam. I know most of the students think that saying is easier than doing it. But remember to be successful, doing & trying hard is more important than just keep on thinking. With this Article, I call all of you to leave your beds for next 60 days. Exhaust yourself, work hard and stay focused on GATE 2018 (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). Believe me, you will make it happen or at least you will feel great that at least you gave a sincere try. Two months are sufficient for GATE 2018 preparation if your strategy is brilliant.

GATE 2018 examination for 23 papers will be conducted across eight sessions in four days from February 3, 2018, to February 11, 2018, so its almost 40+ days left for the final show. We’ll divide our 40 days preparation strategy into four phases of ’10 day’ each. Most of you will stop here seeing the length of this article. But if you go through this complete article, and strictly follow the plan, I’m sure that you’ll be able to crack the exam with a good score and rank. So let’s start.

First 10 Days of GATE 2018 Preparation

  • Check the entire syllabus properly on the official website. Do a little research and analysis on the latest exam pattern and marks distribution of each subject. Analyze the last 10-year paper and note the higher weightage topics.
  • Schedule your preparation time smartly. Allocate your best hours of the day for studying effectively and with full dedication. Time management is very important. Once the analysation of subjects is done, you have an idea of what all subjects are important as per the marks distribution. Divide your time for studying various subjects and keep a watch with you while solving questions and try to solve them within a fixed time limit.
  • Make sure you have all the study materials, relevant notes and books, last 10 year’s solved questions and sample papers. Try to collect short notes, such as brilliant tutorials, GATE forums or some other study material. This will help you speed up your preparation as the notes don’t go into details of the subject, cover the essential concepts needed to go for the exam and save time. Do follow only one type of notes as the different type of notes may follow different analogy and they can make you confused.
  • Now that the GATE exam date is so near, you don’t want to waste a single day. So you need to organize your time, energy and resources in the best possible manner. Make a smart schedule for your preparation. You should allocate your study hours during the time of the day when you feel that you can study with maximum efficiency and give your best. It’s also recommended to study with maximum efforts at that time of the day, during which the GATE Exam will be conducted.

For the first 10-15 days, brush-up each basic concept thoroughly, assure proper time management and of course avoid distractions.

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DAY 10-20 of GATE 2018 Preparation

  • Now you have gone through the whole theoretical part and have all the content you need, start solving numerical questions as much as possible. Solve those questions an the numerical problem which are relevant to exam. Refer the pattern of questions asked in previous years and focus on them.
  • Plan your time properly. Dedicate maximum possible time to studies and preparation. Keep a clock in front while you solve the questions. Target to solve each question within a fixed limit of time.
  • Make a habit to revise your notes daily. Assign at least 1 hour daily for this. If you face doubts in some particular area, you can refer back to the main content.

GATE 2018 Preparation Day 30-40

  • Take a test every 3 days. You are now in the third phase of your 40+ day plan. And now it’s time to start working rigorously. In these 10 days, you should start giving a test based on the standard GATE pattern. Give at least one test daily. At least once in 2-3 days and prepare an exam tactic based on your experience.
  • As GATE is conducted online, so try some online test series and online mock tests that will give you a proper exam like the feel and enhance your problem-solving speed. Remember you need to use mock test papers for the daily tests that you give in this period, and save the original previous year papers for the fourth phase of preparation. However, you can use a few original papers also in this period, to get a real idea of what kind of questions are asked. Also, keep in mind that the examination pattern has changed for the next year.

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Last 10 Days of GATE 2018 Preparation

  • Welcome to the final phase of preparation. At this stage, the most important thing is to give more, and more tests and solve more and more questions. Tests will help you the most. Allocate the last 10-15 days for thorough revision of complete syllabus. Go through all the short notes, important concepts and formulas. Don’t try any new topic.
  • Don’t ignore the aptitude part. 15 % of the paper consists of Aptitude + English alone. So give some time to this part also. It will help you score some very easy marks. Ensure that you are comfortable with the computers so that you can appear for the online examination with the ease without any complications.
  • Stay calm, relax your mind, avoid stress, and be positive and confident. Take proper sleep and follow the healthy routine.

GATE 2018 is not an easy exam, but a good preparation, focus, positive attitude will lead your way. I would strongly recommend you to avoid all time wasters till the GATE exam. Time wasters can be T.V, movies, music, excessive internet, friends and any other thing that consume your time without being beneficial for GATE 2018 preparations. Properly manage your time and ensure that you use your every minute & every day in a valuable manner to get the positive result.

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GATE is a competition Exam, require continuous passion, higher concentration, determination and hard work to succeed. A candidate who will qualify GATE 2018 would not only open the gateway for higher education courses Masters and Doctoral level (M.E., M.Tech, direct Ph.D.) in IISc/IITs/NITs but also can have the opportunity to get placed in PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings). This is the reason why this exam is being so popular year by year.

Don’t restrict yourself with the bound thinking and allow yourself to progress with your full capacity. The sky is the limit and successful people are those who go that extra mile.  Please post your Feedback or queries regarding GATE 2018 preparation, on our Aftergraduation Forum. Connect with us for all latest GATE 2018 updates through Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter also.

Good Luck  Aspirants!!!

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