Candidates appearing for Geology and Geophysics subject exam must know the GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics syllabus, GG GATE Exam pattern, Best books to study Geology and Geophysics, preparation tips and Guidance to crack the exam with a better result.
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GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics Exam Pattern, Preparation Tips

GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics: The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2020 exam is going to be organised on 01, 02, 08 and 09 February 2020 by IIT Delhi. The subject code for Geology and Geophysics subject in GATE exam is GG. The registration for GATE 2020 is already started and is available until September 24, 2019.

Candidates appearing for Geology and Geophysics subject exam must know the GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics syllabus, GG GATE Exam pattern, Best books to study Geology and Geophysics, preparation tips and Guidance to crack the exam with a better result.

Earlier we have shared the GATE 2020 GG Syllabus with some important topics, Reference books and some preparation tips for better GATE Score. Today, We hereby providing the Geology and Geophysics GATE 2020 Exam pattern, preparation tips, so that you can have all the required information at one place and simply focus on preparation.

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GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics Exam Pattern

The question is divided into two separate sections, below given is the table which will let you know the GATE 2020 exam pattern and marking system. These are Objective type and Numerical Type. In Numerical Type, some numerical value as the answer has to be entered through the keyboard.

GATE 2020 Paper Sections GATE Marks Distribution
Questions from Core Subject GG Syllabus 85% of the total marks.
General Aptitude (GA) 15% of the total marks.

General Aptitude Questions: 

The question paper contains 10 questions of general aptitude out of a total of 65 questions, and these 10 questions carry a total of 15 marks out of 100. Out of these 10 questions, 5 questions carry 1 mark each while the other 5 questions carry 2 marks each.

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Negative Marking:

The multiple-choice question (MCQ) carrying 1 or 2 marks question. Negative marking is there only for MCQ not for NAT questions. The questions that are of 1 mark and the answer is wrong then ⅓ marks will be deducted, and the questions that carry 2 marks and the answer is wrong then ⅔ marks will be deducted for that questions.

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GATE 2020 GG Preparation Tips

Below are some tips to prepare Geology and Geophysics subject for GATE 2020 exam-

1. It is important to have thorough about the current exam pattern and syllabus mentioned in the GATE 2020 official website.

2. Study materials: Choose books and study materials which are the best for you. There are several standard study materials available in the market. Choose the one with the best explanations and which is easy to understand. We have mentioned some best books referred by GATE toppers and faculties in our earlier article titled “Geology And Geophysics GATE 2020 Syllabus, Imp Topics And Books For Preparation“.

3. Time table: An efficient study plan is consists of the time table with sufficient time allocated for every section. Know your weak areas. Allot time in a way so as to cover every topic efficiently without costing the time for other sections.

4. Make Milestone: Plan daily and weekly targets and achieve your planned milestone with proper preparation. Try to finish your syllabus 2 months before the exam and revise the whole syllabus and its important topics at least twice. Revise the topics until you feel confident about that.

5. Practice as Many Questions as Possible: Doing so not only highlights your weak areas but also helps you to manage the time. It also brings out a variety of questions which might be new. Practice regularly so that the students will have the practice for GATE exam.

6. Do not forget to make Short Notes: These are very handy during the examination. Include important concepts, formulas, tricks in the notes. These will help in revision at the 20th hour.

7. Mock test/Sample Test Papers: The best source is to refer the past year question papers and practice them along with the regular Mock test. This will improve time management skills with proper accuracy level.

8. Healthy Mind and Body: Do not forget to take adequate sleep and eat healthily. Motivation and planning during the preparation are mandatory. Visit your friends and seniors for guidance and to motivate yourself.

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Do/Don’t for GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics Preparation

The Gurumantra for the GATE 2020 Geology and Geophysics preparation are –

S.NO Do’s Don’ts
1 At least attempt one mock test in two weeks and in the last 2 months, try 1 mock test every week. Leave certain topics during preparation
2 Analyze your preparation strategy after each mock test. Never make an EGO issue for the questions if it’s not solving, take help.
3 At least revise the complete syllabus twice before the exam. Revision of the whole course should be in the shortcuts and strategies you learnt during the preparation. Study for longer periods without taking any breaks.
4 Learn the time management technique to complete the test within the time limit and accuracy Procrastination and Overconfidence

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Have Confidence and faith in yourself. All the Best for GATE 2020..!!

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