Global MBA Applications and Enrollments Achieved Double-Digit Growth
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Global MBA Applications and Enrollments Achieved Double-Digit Growth

According to a study by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the business schools all over the world has achieved double-digit growth in the number of MBA applications and enrollments for global programmes. Business schools have been successfully innovated in a period of economic uncertainty.

The Association of MBA (AMBA) has generated a report on MBA Applications and enrollments for management programmes globally. In that report it was stated that the average number of applications per MBA programmes is increased by 10% between 2015 – 2016, and the average enrollment per MBA programme has been increased by 24% in this time period.

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According to a survey which was based on 223 AMBA-accredited business schools across the world, after the five years of downfall in the applications and enrollments in MBA programmes, this was the second consecutive year of growth in the MBA applications and enrollments. In the year 2014-2015, it was noted that the number of applications has been increased by 5% for the AMBA accredited programmes.

While looking at a scenario of all the AMBA-accredited programmes the business schools that submitted facts and data between the year 2009-2014, the number of applications was 44 % down and the number of enrollment too fell down to 8 %.

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While talking about the gender balance in MBA programme, the men’s ratio was more than the women, as the report says for MBA Applications and Enrollment in 2017. Now onwards the management schools are securing more seats to women for MBA programmes, they are providing good schemes and scholarships for women candidates to join the programme.

Day by day the percentage of women is increasing for both the sections, the increase in application from women’s between the year 2013-2016 has increased by four percent to 37 percent and the percentage increase in enrolling increased by two to 35 percent till this time.

However, this percentage is much lower in some nations, it’s just 10 percent of women’s applications to business schools in India.

“The business schools had suffered from the period of considerable global economic uncertainty but the recent growth reflected their ability to innovate and adapt to the market”, said by Will Dawes, AMBA research and insight manager and author of the study.

According to Mr Dawes, he said that now a day’s many MBA programmes are much more flexible and comfortable in terms of course delivery with new and modular programmes that allow students to go easy with their careers and get a degree without regular classes. He says business schools have the more opportunities to study abroad and more global outlook.

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There are 90 B-Schools featured in this report on the basis of which AMBA is collecting data since the year 2011. There are some nations where the percentage in the number of applications has been increased in last five years till 2016. Here are some countries and their percentage of that rises up- Eastern Europe (77%), Africa (48%), North America (25%) and Western Europe (13%), there are some countries where the percentage has been decreased- Oceania (17%) and the UK (16%).

In terms of MBA enrolments, there has been growth in countries like Africa (56%), Eastern Europe (56%) and Oceania (15%), but downfalls in Western Europe (19%) and the United Kingdom (8%).

As Mr Dawes said that, “it was important information to note the facts and figures on international campuses of business might have been attributed to the host country rather than the institution’s country of origin”.

At the end of the report, Mr Dawes said that the regional breakdown reflects the global shake out and prominence of Chinese, European and Latin American business schools.

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Here you got the Global MBA Applications and Enrollments details, the study done by AMBA. Please post your comments or queries in below comment box.

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