Graduate Record Examinations (GRE): Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Fees and Other Informations
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Graduate Record Examinations (GRE): Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Fees and Other Information

GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations which is a generalised test which is conducted by Educational Testing Services (ETS) for admissions in various programs at numerous business and graduate schools. Scores of ETS GRE are recognised by most of the top graduate level schools for postgraduate/masters degree programs like Master of Science degree – MS in the USA. The exam pattern has gone through a lot of changes over the years. In its latest form, it is called the GRE revised General Test.

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The exam aims to measure verbal reasoningquantitative reasoninganalytical writing, and critical thinking skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not entirely based on any specific field of study outside of the GRE itself. The GRE General Test is offered as a computer-based exam administered at Prometric testing centers.

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Graduate Record Examinations Eligibility

A document of identity proof is the only eligibility requirement for GRE. In India, candidates require having an original valid passport (no photocopy) which clearly shows their name, signature, and photograph. For identity proof, the passport is strictly required, and no other documents as an alternative like international driving license, birth certificate etc) is entertained.

Apart from this, there is no age limit, timing or qualification related prerequisites to appear for this exam. However, Universities that accept GRE scores set their own eligibility filters for specific programs like minimum experience, age, and qualification etc.

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GRE Exam dates in 2018 – 2019

There are no particular GRE Exam dates in India. It is very flexible and can be attempted at any time of the year by taking an appointment with the closest GRE exam center. However, from August to December, which is the peak application season, it is usually difficult to get an appointment in the preferred examination center. Hence, it is important to plan GRE preparation schedule and test dates well in advance. GRE General Test can be attempted up to five times in a continuous rolling 12 month period, once after every 21 days.

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GRE Centers (in India)

The ETS GRE Test 2018-19 is available in more than 160 countries at over 1000 test centers. In India, the GRE test is being conducted in the following cities:

Allahabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Cochin, Chennai, Dehradun, Gwalior, Gurgaon, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nizamabad, New Delhi, Nashik, Pune, Patna, Trivandrum, Vijayawada, and Vadodara.

Mode of the exam depends on the exam Centers. Venues may offer the Paper-based test or computer-based test. It is expected that in the coming future, the number of examination of GRE exam centers will be increased by ETS and newer cities will be included in the list subsequently.

GRE Exam Fee

The registration fee to take the General GRE test is $205 which is approximately INR 13,500 (using 66 Rs/$ exchange rate) and the fee for GRE subject test is $150 globally which is cheaper than the registration fee of GMAT which is $250. ETS also provides relaxation is exam fee for financially weak candidates. There is a penalty of $50 to change exam center or reschedule the test.

GRE Test Pattern 2018

The GRE Test Pattern is divided into three sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing. Analytical Writing section tests candidates’ ability to dissect arguments, analyse facts, judge the presented evidence and put forth opinions in the most structured and convincing manner. Verbal Reasoning section is a tricky section for non-native English speakers which checks candidates’ capacity to understand the content author’s intentions and perspectives, and connect the dots across various ideas mentioned, even if they may not necessarily be documented in a coherent order. Quantitative Reasoning section tests candidates’ comfort level with numbers and quantitative data. The candidate has to understand the problem and use models and mathematical formulae (from algebra, geometry, arithmetic) to solve them. The total exam duration of the GRE 2018 is 3 hours 40 minutes. A ten-minute break is given after the 3rd(Quantitative Reasoning) section during the GRE Test 2018. There are two other variable sections besides the main academic sections, which are the Research and the Unscored section which do not count toward the actual GRE 2018 score
The GRE 2018 test pattern includes six GRE subject tests of 2 hours and 50 minutes duration each which are Literature in English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Psychology and each one of them has a different exam pattern. They are offered in a paper-based format. Candidates can take the test three times in a year worldwide in April, September, and October.

Paper-Based GRE Sections Computer-Based
Duration No. of Sections No. of Sections Duration
60 minutes 2 Sections, 2 tasks Analytical Writing 1 Section, 2 tasks 60 minutes
70 minutes 2 Sections, 50 questions Verbal reasoning 2 Sections, 40 questions 60 minutes
80 minutes 2 Sections, 50 questions Quantitative Reasoning 2 Sections 40 questions 70 minutes
Unscored Varies Varies
Research Varies Varies

GRE Participating Institutes 2018
Academic institutions worldwide recognise GRE General Test scores as a selection criterion of candidates for their graduate programmes. The acceptance of GRE score usually depends on the university and department. Also, GRE subject test score is optional and candidates can apply for the GRE subject test if the department requires it.
GRE scores are also accepted by many specialised MBA, masters and doctoral programmes in several business schools. There are over 1,200 business schools along with thousands of participating institutes worldwide which accept the GRE 2018 scores. Besides MBA and other graduate programmes, GRE scores are also accepted for interdisciplinary programmes like Engineering Management and MIS.
GRE 2018 Scoring Pattern

Measure GRE Scores
GRE Verbal Reasoning 130–170, in 1 point increment
GRE Quantitative Reasoning 130–170, in 1 point increments
GRE Analytical Writing 0–6, in half-point increments

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