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Guidance For the Students Targeting IT jobs During Campus Placement

Campus placement season is beginning at almost all the colleges and each job aspirants wants to prepare best to prove themselves. The campus placement season is fast approaching and it’s giving students sleepless nights. Final years students are gearing up to land their first jobs out of campus. However, just like all other things in a career life, you need not only to just prepare yourself but also prepare an “Action Plan” for your approach, so you can land the perfect first job!

Many students face a big question — How should I prepare for campus placement? This is why; we have taken the liberty to prepare an Action Plan for you (based on our research & experiences). You, of course, reserve the rights to customize it according to your own needs. Generally there are lots of screening rounds such as Aptitude tests, Technical Test, Group Discussion, Personal Interview both technical and HR to eliminate the students which seems inappropriate for company’s requirement. Job aspirants should well prepare in advance to catch the job which they aimed.

Impressive Resume

A resume is a compilation of facts about your achievements, along with specific details about their attainment. Your resume is all about what you have done in years of your graduation. It displays your abilities – Your skills, knowledge, strengths and Your Projects.

The critical components of a Fresher Resume are their Qualifications/ Scores, Internships/ Projects/ Certifications, Extracurricular Activities. Once you prepare your resume, get it reviewed by your peers, seniors or someone in the industry. They can point out what should be added or what redundant information should be removed.

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The most important thing — BE HONEST in writing and speaking! Do not lie about your skill or achievements. Don’t add all the programming language in the programming skills section without any hands on knowledge. If you get interviewed on any of them and you aren’t able to answer, this will have a bad impression on the interviewers.

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Most students don’t even know that while sending a resume online, one should send it in PDF format. A well-formatted resume stands a higher chance of being short-listed than the one that is not formatted.

Brush for Aptitude Tests

The use of aptitude tests to screen potential job applicants has long been standard practice across many different sectors. This is the first step for elimination of candidates aspiring for the job.

Job aptitude tests are quite similar to those competitive entrance exam tests that most of you may have taken before. The typical questions are around: Analytical & Quantitative Skills, Logic & Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Written Communication, and Subject Knowledge.

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Aptitude tests can tell an employer a lot about a potential candidate, going far beyond the traditional interview in helping employers put the right candidate in the right job.

Start taking mock aptitude tests. It is imperative that you crack this first step in order to go to the next step. 

Technical/Coding Tests

The two most important subjects asked in almost all technical/coding tests are — Data Structures and Algorithms.

Knowing Data Structures is “key thing” which can get an IT Job aspirant placed. Some of the important topics in data structures which you must know are array, pointers, stack, queues, linked list, binary search trees, heap, hashing, trees and graphs. It would be a plus point if you know algorithms like searching and sorting, divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming.

It is recommended to know at least one language thoroughly C, C++, Java, Python. Be prepared to answer questions on the above mentioned topics both for — technical aptitude test as well as interview. 

Group Discussions (GD) 

The GD round is where you need to show your Skills in: Initiative, Knowledge & Ideas, Verbal Communication, Expression and Exchange of thoughts, Listening Skills, Leadership & Coordination Capabilities. In this round, each group a generally given a topic of discussion, on which every member is supposed to present their thoughts on, in a conversational manner.


Interview is one of the final steps in getting selected. Most companies hold two interviews — technical and HR.

“Introduce yourself” might be the only question that will be asked for sure. Preparing in advance can certainly do you good. The golden rule is to be clear and concise. First, list few points that you really want to highlight in your introduction. It can be one of your past projects, or you have won some programming competitions. Second, compress all of them within 1–2 minutes.

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You don’t need to cover details in your introduction. If interviewers want to know more, they will ask. One common mistake is to overly sell yourself. Long introduction not only will bore interviewers, but also shorten your time for coding questions.

Questions for the Technical Interview are aimed to test your (the candidate’s) depth of knowledge. In this round, recruiters will ask questions on your interest of domain areas. So, make sure you have revised all the critical parts of your curriculum from the previous semesters. Please go through the basics of following three subjects – DBMS, Operating System and Computer Networks.

If you are clueless about the kind of subject knowledge questions the interviewers will ask, then be ready with a list of three to four ‘Your favourite subject areas’. Some companies try to test how good you are in your strength areas and select you on the basis of that knowledge even if that is not relevant to the job profile on offer.

Students generally are seen skipping practice part and landing into trouble when asked to write the code in a live interview. Therefore, PRACTICE is strongly recommended.

Projects and Internship: Prepare yourself on questions about what you did in your projects and internships. If required dig out your project reports, go through the technical parts. Students tend to ignore technical details.

Questions for Interviewers: At the end of each interview, the interviewer will ask you whether you have any questions about the company. Use this opportunity to know more about the interviewer and the company. Ask relevant questions about the company/field of work. Showing your interests to the company is always a good sign.

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Don’t ask about your interview performance/result. Not only will you not get the authentic feedback, but it may make interviewers awkward as they cannot tell you the result immediately.

Some of the good placement cells conduct mock drives, if you have that option in your college, take these mock interviews very seriously. Take feedback from the interviewers on your weaknesses.

This blog covers major aspects of what needs to be done in order to get placed for an IT job. Make sure you’re well versed with all the screening rounds, your courses and projects before you sit for final interview. It’s a combination of your knowledge and skills along with your personality that will make the employer decide whether to hire you or not.

All the very best to Students aspiring for a good campus placement. Please post your Feedback or Comments regarding “Guidance For The Students Targeting IT Jobs During Campus Placement” blog, on our AfterGraduation Forum.

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