How to Crack Management Entrance Exam CAT and Others?
Business Management CAT Preparation & Admission

How to Crack Management Entrance Exam CAT and Others?

Common Admission Test CAT 2017, the entrance test for admission to 20 IIMs and 100 plus B-Schools for management programme will be conducted by IIM Lucknow,  scheduled to take place in December 2017 in computer-based mode. A common myth associated with CAT is that it is a very tough examination and the questions are complex and difficult to crack. It is not true. It is just a different pattern of examination which requires a different approach to solve it. The success lies in understanding the basic fundamentals and practicing regularly.

Practice Makes Man Perfect!

Apart from studies, it requires a bit of common sense, logic, math and a good sense of judgment, most importantly a good flair for language to score well. Analytical skills require regular practice and subject knowledge requires study, to polish your overall skills to crack any Exam.

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Experts suggest that if you are serious about cracking the most competitive management entrance exam CAT, it requires many skills apart from just studying while preparing the CAT exam, some of them are:

  • Stay Calm and Cool Always

An examination is not only a test of your knowledge but it is also a test of your nerves. While solving the paper, be calm, focus and patient. Stress leads to failure which must be avoided. Your mental balance and ability to withstand stress will give you a cutting edge.

  • Be Positive and Confident

This is your first step towards success. Your enthusiasm and spirit should always be upbeat. Face the challenge boldly and courageously. Fill your mind with words and thoughts which will energize you and motivate you to succeed, words like I can, I will, I am going to do ….

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  • Time Management

The students should properly plan their time. Time management is a critical factor in the preparation of any exam so that one can get through it. As soon as you look at a question, you need to estimate how much time that question would take. You should never give too much time to a particular question because that will leave you with less time for the remaining questions.

  • Speed

Studying will enable you to solve the questions. But you don’t just need to solve the questions but to solve them extremely fast!. Speed matters a lot. So, write tests at such a speed that you can complete the tests within the stipulated time. And to do that, you need a lot of techniques, like rounding up fractions to estimate the answer faster and so on. You need to solve quantitative and logical questions in secs or a min. The student should develop the habit of writing as many as possible tests.

  • Never lose your Heart

If you find the question paper is not up to your expectations, do not just give away. Put all your acumen and energy to get the best out of it.

  • Don’t Just Shoot

Well begun is half done, so start professionally, with a cool head. Read the question properly and try to understand it. If you have understood the intricacy of the questions, then half of the job is done. The paper which starts well ends well too. Never try such questions in which you are not sure of the right choice because there is negative marking in the examination.

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  • Analyzing Questions in CAT Paper

Remember, you don’t need to solve all the questions to get a good score. Even the 100 percentile scorers do not solve all the questions! you must be able to analyze the question’s difficulty level so that you don’t waste your time answering it for long. Knowing which and how many questions you should leave is an art. You should always first try to solve the questions that are the areas where you are most comfortable.

  • Eliminating Options

Sometimes, it is easier to just eliminate options to reach the answer, instead of actually solving the entire question. This requires a keen sense of intuition.

  • Minimum Rough Work

Writing takes time. You need to reach a level where you can do most of the calculations in your head so that it is much faster! But you need a lot of practice for this, otherwise, you will end up making mistakes.

  • Concentration

Sitting in front of a computer with full concentration for the entire duration of the exam is not an easy task! The lack of concentration can lead to mistakes, which can lead to a lower accuracy.

Some people have these skills naturally. But everyone can develop these skills through lots of practice.

Determination paves the way to success. Willpower that cannot be wobbled can make you crack any test. Think of your mind as a fertile garden. Fill your mind with positive, uplifting and motivating thoughts and you will have an abundant crop of success.  Please post your queries or Comments regarding “CAT Preparation” article, on our Aftergraduation Forum. Connect with us for all latest updates on CAT 2017 through Facebook and  Twitter.

All the Best CAT 2017 Aspirants..!! 

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