How to Prepare IAS Exam 2019 Prelims in 3 Months? Check Guidance and Tips for UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2019 Exams for IAS/IPS/IFS officer.
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How to Prepare IAS Exam 2019 Prelims in 3 Months?

IAS Exam 2019 Prelims Preparation in 3 Months – Examination! UPSC Civil Services Prelims, the most obstacle during the preparation is “Time” that, it moves fast. You must perceive it during your preparation “how happens”. Moreover, this would more tense you if the hour hand stopped and month counts start.

If only 3 months staying away for IAS Exam 2019 Prelims… then don’t tout, just believe “you can”! However, likewise, with every single beneficial thing in life, there are a few conditions joined. The last date to submit the online registration form for UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2019 Exam is postponed for 1 day till March 19, 06:00 pm.

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As from 2011 to 2018 IAS Prelims Exam, almost two papers carry equal marks and we know that to clear the IAS Prelims, an average score of the two papers are considered as you should score well in no less than one of the two papers.

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With changing nature of the prelim exam, the pattern of the question, level of difficulty, this UPSC CSE exam requires more than the traditional diligent work way out to clear. Through this blog we will talk about the basic methodology for preparation, strategy what to or not to read, how to read, do’s and don’ts which all developed from our own proficiencies both amid of the preparation and on the examination day.

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Tips For IAS Exam 2019 Prelims Preparation in 3 Months

  • Firstly keep a positive mindset and practical strategy. You don’t have to know everything under the rooftop. Keep your sources restricted and trust them.
  • You need to understand the basic concept of the UPSC exam. Why a specific question is being asked? What to concentrate on and what not to.
  • The nature of the prelim exam has turned out to be very dynamic but the syllabus same as it before. Along these lines, it is advisable to be through with the basics i.e. standard books and fundamental NCERTs.
  • Convinced knowledge of current affairs, general awareness, good English language, and mental ability skills.
  • One look at the new syllabus for Prelims and you’ll understand the resemblance between Paper 2 syllabus and prospectus for Management Entrance Exams for MBA courses. If you’ve already for mental ability, decision analysis, logic reasoning English language aptitudes for MBA at that point paper 2 ought to be your strength.
  • As only three months remaining you should concentrate on polity, current affairs, maps, and general awareness in paper 1 as these take less time and can be set up in 3 months.
  • There are no prelims only, main preparations too. It is an integrated process directly from prelims to interview. In this way, an integrated methodology is obligatory. Additionally changing nature of the questions expects candidates to be more analytical which is just feasible through a comprehensive reading.
  • A very much organized test series assist the candidates to –
    • Know their level of preparation.
    • It helps to organize your preparation schedule.
    • Acquaints with UPSC method for questioning.
    • Cover the UPSC syllabus comprehensively.
    • Cover random points, current issues and become more acquainted with trending subjects,
    • Gives a complete analysis of your strength, your performance and weaknesses.
    • In short, it is the net practice which sets you up to hit a century for the d-day.
      • One needs to solve the most recent 10 years prelims paper for valid justifications.
      • To help you examine your way to deal with an answer a question, controlling nerves and pressure & reduce anxiety.
    • Final and the most open secret mantra to clear this esteemed prestigious examination is a revision. Keep and consolidate your notes and resource wherefore it easier to revise 4-5 times before the exam.

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The journey to the pined for the list is intense and the driver should be harder. Roughly 3 months down the line on 2nd June 2019 hundred thousand like you will write your destiny. We will guarantee that it is a lovely one.

Remain concentrated on your planning and keep the tab on the blog for subject insightful analysis, preparation methodology, plausible question areas and so on and way to deal with Pre-storming 2019-your key to CSE Mains 2019. In the event that you think you fit into any at least one than one said criteria, at that point, doubtlessly getting ready for the Prelims in only 3-4 months of time won’t be an issue for you. Get moving!

All the best to UPSC Civil Services Aspirants..!!

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