IIT Placements Offers Hike Upto 30% Across the Globe In This Year IIT Kharagpur, IIT Kanpur, IIT madras recruitment
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IIT Placements Offers Hike Upto 30% Across the Globe In This Year

The year 2017-18 has been a boon to IITs, as around 50-60 percent of students have already been placed in the first week since IIT placements began. This year, hiring at the older IITs where placement batch sizes range from 900-1900 per campuses are up to 30% higher than the same period in 2016-17, which was a difficult year for campus placements. The first phase of IIT placements will continue till mid-December. It will resume in January and continue till March-April after a short break.

Companies like Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Citi Group, Microsoft, Uber among many others have gone to IIT campuses this year. A host of Asian companies from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore have made their way into recruitments as well. This year Apple Inc., Nasdaq, and Rubrik have also debuted as recruiters for IIT Placements. Microsoft is the most aggressive recruiter offering the fattest package of 1+ crore INR. Microsoft has picked up some 23 students from IIT Roorkee apart from others from IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi.

At IIT-BHU Varanasi, 527 students out of 1055 students that is 50% have already been placed. IIT-Madras has already placed 65% of its 1100 strong batch by the end of the fifth day of final placement with 715 more offers. More than 53% of students at IIT-Guwahati too, have landed jobs. ”The season has been great till date and we have many more core sectors offer to come in”, said Kaustubha Mohanty, head of the Centre for career development at IIT Guwahati.

IIT-Kanpur witnessed the biggest wave as Intel picked a full class size of 59 candidates. As quoted in some media group, N.P.Padhy, IIT-Roorkee placement head said, “I am seeing a growth in core and IT+ fields. The bulk recruiters are very cautious. When they are getting good slots and meeting our nine pointers with an internship experience abroad and carrying a resume with an idea, they can’t stop themselves from recruiting them”. IIT Roorkee has received 600 offers, a significant growth from last year’s 500 offers in the same period.

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The IIT Kharagpur placement session witnesses the presence of other multinational companies like Apple Inc, HSBC, American Express, IBM Research, JP Morgan, Schlumberger, Airbus, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Microsoft. IIT-Kharagpur is leading the rally this placement season, bagging more than 900 offers in the first week. Debasis Deb, Chairman, Career Development Centre, IIT Kharagpur said, “According to early trends, this time around we are headed back to at least 75 percent placement numbers. Last year, the placements had dropped to 66 percent.” 

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Early placements at IITs is a hit with PSUs. Previously by the time PSUs visited the IITs, the most student already had an offer in hand. This year IITs opened a hiring a window exclusively for Govt. Organisations in November, ahead of regular placements season that starts in December.

Many startups are looking beyond IITs and hiring from reputed colleges. IITs have withdrawn a ban they had imposed last year on 31 startups. Startups are experimenting with the innovative method of hiring like hackathons. They consider students who are from non-IT backgrounds, which usually Microsoft and Google won’t do, getting a increase in the number of placements. Big names in the field of startups are SnapDeal, Flipkart, Uber and many more.

Prime Minister Narender Modi’s initiative has also worked in the favor to face the placement issue faced by the IITs last year. Core companies have given early slots coupled with a conscious choice made by students to pick core companies over fat packages. Core companies are popular this placement season with almost 60% of them opting core.

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No surprises that the demand for freshers in the business industry, the easiest lot to make a new beginning, is looking good. Overall offers and efforts made by the IITs have made this placement season worth for students in applying for their respective streams.

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