Is NCERT Enough to have Command over the Class 11 Maths Examination?
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Is NCERT Enough to have Command over the Class 11 Maths Examination?

National council of education research and training (NCERT) is by the Ministry of Education, Government of India in 1961. The main aim of introducing NCERT to the country is to improve the country’s standard of education. NCERT is Formby merging 17 institutes, which was then present to regulate India’s education system. NCERT is by the Central Board of Secondary Education, thus accepted all over India.

The key features of NCERT are:-

  1.  To encourage the education of a girl child.
  2. To promote education.
  3. To produce teaching and learning experience.
  4. To upheld teacher education.
  5. Materials drafted in natural languages.

Best solution for Class 11 Maths Subject

Class 11 maths NCERT solutions are the best solutions for the students of class 11. Maths is one of the vital and tough subjects according to the children. But they need to have a regular practice of the sums that is in the question book. All the solutions in the book and the answer are also available on the internet. Practicing NCERT means preparing one for the CBSE pattern.

The sample question papers available for class 11 maths students cover all the topics of the chapter, making it easy for the student to evaluate the whole concept. Solving the questions is essential because this helps the student to understand at which stage he is. All the revision of the chapters needs to be completed two months before the examination. When solving the question papers of NCERT, if the student gets stuck anywhere, he or she will have to revise the chapters again, so that there are no queries in mind.

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NCERT Solutions strictly follows the CBSE Curriculum for developing an excellent standard in the education system of the country. The material is done with the help of panel teachers, and the languages are elementary so that it is not a problem for the students to understand at any IQ level. All the fundamental queries are in the solution book. The reference is provided for every topic, which is helpful for the students and saves a lot of time searching for text to prepare CBSE Notes for preparation in exams.

The teachers of the school should follow the NCERT textbook thoroughly. The concept should be cleared in the basics only. Many real-life examples should be set to make the students imagine the situation and understand. A student will have many queries, and the teachers and the parents must make the student understand every question he has.

Query for Career Guidance

A teacher should give homework to the students to make the students do regular practice and revise the topics. Students should do at least 8 to 10 sums daily to understand the concept. A parent should keep an eye on the student to check if he is copying the solution from the solution book or internet site. Doing so, the student will ruin his future. He will not be able to do good for him in the latter part of his life. 


NCERT is widely accepted all over India for its best key features, and students are comfortable studying with NCERT. The NCERT is designed with the help of knowledgeable teachers, keeping in mind the student’s intellect level. The study material of NCERT is best for the classes as well as for other competitive examinations. NCERT distributes its study material to help the students for preparing for the exam, as almost every CBSE school follows NCERT curriculum.

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