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Jobs Are Safe In 2017: Jobvite Report

Jobvite has become known for its surveys into social recruitment. Jobvite Inc. is a software and recruiting corporation, based in San Mateo, California. The firm, which operates globally, is involved with the provision of a Software as a Service (SaaS) social recruiting platform, enabling companies to advertise jobs and manage the recruitment process.

Jobvite’s annual Recruiter Nation Report is out, and the results are promising for workers, including ones who are hoping to stay put in 2017. In fact, 86 percent of recruiters surveyed said that they anticipated no layoffs at their company in the next 12 months.

Other indicators also showed a positive job market for workers. Jobvite surveyed 1,600 recruiting and human resources professionals to get their take on the state of hiring in 2016 and beyond.

Thirty-five percent said that they expected to hire 100 or more people next year, up from 26 percent in 2016. Only 10 percent of recruiters said that they expected to automate jobs in the next two to three years, compared with 25 percent in last year’s survey.

The past year has been good for workers, too. Sixty-nine percent of recruiters said that hiring had increased in 2016. Growing industries included healthcare (76 percent), retail (75 percent), and finance (72 percent). Over a third of businesses reported that hiring had “increased dramatically” over the course of the year.

Job seekers are apparently feeling empowered by the hiring surge: 58 percent of recruiters said that candidates were more likely to negotiate salary this year than they were the year before. Sixty-eight percent said that their employers had increased average salary offers as a result.

How to Get Hired in 2017

If you’re hoping to change jobs in current year, you’ll need more than just positive hiring trends on your side. Jobvite’s survey respondents said their hiring decisions were influenced by:

  • Enthusiasm (78 percent)
  • Command of Requirements (76 percent)
  • Conversation Skills (73 percent)

Communication Style

Eighty-three percent of recruiters said that communication style was the most important consideration in determining cultural fit.


Over a third of recruiters (41 percent) said that seeing a picture of a candidate before an interview influences their first impression, while 46 percent said that appearance influences hiring decisions.

Dressing casually affects hiring for 62 percent of recruiters, while body odor is a deciding factor for 56 percent.

Social Media

Your social media use can hurt your chances, too. Seventy-two percent judge candidates for typos on social media, while 47 percent will ding prospective employees for photos showing alcohol consumption.

However, selfies are less likely to hurt you in 2016: only 18 percent of respondents had negative feelings about them, as opposed to 25 percent in 2015. (Image Courtesy:

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