MBA Degree: For Better Career and Progress in Professional Life, jobs that required MBA degree
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MBA Degree: For Better Career and Progress in Professional Life

In this modern day job- market, no other degree or program holds more prestige and appeal than an MBA degree from a good business school. An MBA degree acts as a Kickstarter to an individual’s career gives him the exposure that no other post-graduate degree does. It is an ideal qualification and more of a necessity in the current scenarios not just for management jobs, but numerous other positions too. This article tries to list out some of the jobs that specifically require an MBA degree for better career and progress in professional life.

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1. Accounting

An MBA degree proves to be the key to leadership roles for certified public accountants as it opens many closed gates towards career success in the accounting field. Typically, larger firms look for more experienced and sophisticated management skills in an accountant, which comes post-requisites of an MBA degree. Business management graduates tend to handle complex situations more efficiently in the accounting sector as they have been trained to do so. An MBA program with specialisation in Accounting specifically polishes and grooms the individual to be the perfect fit for the accounting field and those who aspire to make their career in accounting should certainly opt for it.

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Jobs in the accounting sector for MBAs include a financial controller, benefits manager, and budget analyst.

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2. Finance

Finance is another big sector which entertains applications for finance jobs from MBA holders much more easily than any bachelor’s degree holders unless they have tons of experience. A b-school degree will not only help an individual secure a job but will also open the doors to higher level positions with experience.

Companies require MBA graduates with specialisation in finance as fund managers and investment bankers to assist them in providing strategic advice regarding mergers and acquisitions and raising money in the capital market and other financial transactions. Fund managers also help individuals make investment choices.

Jobs include investment fund manager, financial manager, financial analyst, investment banker, financial services sales agent, and financial advisor.

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3. Information Technology

Information Technology sector is one of the most rapidly changing and ever-demanding field and hence clear strategy in Information Technology is vital to all companies, and organizations prefer MBAs with specialisation in Information Technology for overseeing research and special projects and for setting a technology vision for the organization. Tech-savvy MBAs help IT companies promote their brands and build strategies using their familiarity with tech products. Technology personnel establish and ensure adherence to technical standards, take care of network security, install and upgrade software and hardware, and many more other functions. Job growth in Information Technology sector is also faster than most occupations at 15 per cent for 2014-24.

Job include Chief Technology Officer, IT director, Technology Product Manager, Computer and Information Systems Manager, and Information Security Analyst.

4. Human Resources

To any company or organization, its people come first, and no company can function without experts in the HR sector. MBAs with specialisation in Human Resources and people management are usually expected to move on to top positions in their companies.

Jobs include HR manager, benefits manager, and training and development manager.

5. Marketing

Marketing sector has the immense requirement and uses for MBA skills, such as analytics, budgeting, and projecting growth, in today’s scenario than ever before. An MBA with a specialisation in Marketing gives the competitive edge to applicants, be it for a job or promotion.

Jobs include marketing manager, sales manager, public relations manager, and advertising/promotions manager.

6. Global Management

With globalization, companies are increasingly extending their operations beyond borders, and they need a team of MBAs with specialization in global management who can manage and coordinate their operations in a number of countries at the same time.

Jobs include sales manager, global business manager, and operations manager.

7. Data Analytics

As more companies adopt big data into their business strategy, data science and analytics are now part of MBA curricula. Data analysts and market researchers analyse data to help companies identify new opportunities and give their competitors a run for their money.

Jobs include market researcher, data analyst, marketing analyst, and business analyst.

8. Health care management

These days, healthcare management involves not only specialist doctors and nurses but also savvy and efficient administrators who can keep pace with changes in the sector, including the tightening regulatory framework. Large hospitals and health care facilities seek MBAs with specialization in healthcare administration so as to help them administer their operations.

Jobs include health informatics manager, medical and health services manager and hospital administrator.

9. Business Operations

Companies require employees with good communication tactics and skills to coordinate the functions of various departments, to negotiate with vendors and suppliers and clients. They also require personnel who help the organization to identify problems in their management practices and suggests solutions. Supply-chain managers analyze data to find out how their companies’ distribution channels can be improved for efficiency. Applicants with MBA degrees prove to be ideal candidates for jobs under business operations portfolio.

Jobs include management consultant, business operations manager and supply chain manager.

10. Nonprofit Management

A keen interest in a social cause or mission may be a ticket to a job in non-profit organizations, but senior positions usually go to candidates with MBAs. A business management degree can also boost an employee to higher posts, including leading a charity or supervising or managing the activities of a non-profit organization.

Jobs include social and non-profit director, community service manager and fundraising manager.

11. Regulatory functions

Today’s complex regulatory environment makes it essential for companies to appoint compliance officers. Companies operating in various sectors require their services to comply with the regulations of various acts and laws like the Consumer Protection Act, International Banking Laws, and Food and Drug Administration etc.

Jobs: Compliance officer

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