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MBA specializations In Marketing, HR, Operation, Which One To Choose?

MBA in Marketing, Finance and Operations, aspirants feels tough to choose field for specialization. Choosing a stream totally depends on the individuals interests. Let we discuss the factors to be considered.

There is no such stream that restricts professionals to sit and work or only field work, it is up to us what career we choose. For instance a HR executive can choose a job where HR just sits and work where as on the other hand there are jobs for HR where immense travel is needed.

Main MBA streams available in all colleges of India are –

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MBA (Marketing)

Most of the marketers are joining sales profiles as soon as they complete MBA but Sales is such profiles that don’t even need Marketing MBA. Any person even without bachelors degree can do a Sales job. A Sale is an Art.
There are many misconceptions that MBA marketing involves lot of field work, but this is false as an MBA marketer does not do door to door marketing instead he work from his office and helps the company by working on promotion, branding, advertising and other marketing strategies.
Best jobs for MBA marketer would be Advertising, Branding and other marketing streams. A MBA marketer can choose a career where traveling is not needed which makes Marketing a good option.

MBA (Finance)

Finance would be bit different compared to the other streams. Finance is suggested to those who have accounting or finance subject in bachelor’s degree. Recruiters will give importance to people who have relevant subject in bachelor’s degree. In finance there are wide options for different profiles such as Financial Advisor, Investment Banker, Market Researcher in finance, Tax Consultants and many more.


HR is a best job for any one who loves meeting new people day to day. HR will have wide range of jobs to choose after MBA such as Recruiting, Payroll, Training and Development.
HR job gives two options, a HR can choose to sit at one place and work for resource or even choose to travel
Therefore if chosen Payroll then comfortably sit in work-space and work where as if chosen Recruiting or Training it involves in immense travel across cities or states based on company where it needs to go to different places for recruiting and training.

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Therefore stream in MBA should be selected bases on ones self passion. All the streams offer different career paths. If there is no specific passion then choose the field basis on placements. Usually marketing has more placements Opportunities where as finance has comparatively less. Coming to operations there are very few Jobs on pure Operations profile.

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