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Secret to Clear CA All Levels in First Attempt

Chartered Accountancy course is a combination of different subjects. There is no specific and precise reason as to why some CA students fail so many times while some clear it like it’s a piece of cake.

Although through some observance and my personal experience in clearing all levels in one attempt I have arrived at some patterns followed by students and ICAI which might be the probable cause as to why some get to the other side of the river while some drown.These points may vary person to person.

I am pretty sure all of us must be aware of at least one or that person in our class/coaching who studies like a machine. He/she makes sure to memorise each and every point and question and things which they don’t understand they just mug it up. Basically, these kind of students believe in the power of mugging and “sab kuch yaad kar liya, 2–2 baar revision bhi kar liya” concept and most of the times they are supremely confident about clearing every exam in first attempt.

No disrespect to anyone but only out of experience I have seen these students are the ones who fail and they keep failing because of one/two subjects. CA course is designed in a way that it’s not possible to pass it by mugging it up, you just have to make your concepts clear if you want your solution to be correct. Although by no means I am implying that you shouldn’t study hard, but rather practically smart.

Focus on Your Goal:

To be honest it is still a long journey. Lots of overpriced faculties/teachers will tell you all sorts or rumors about the course losing its value, the weird changes in syllabus and that one student who was ‘Cheated’ by ICAI by failing him. That is just people’s way of distracting you from your goal!

Handwriting & Presentation:

Hand writing doesn’t have much role but rather it should be clear and should be understandable. The thing which matters most is presentation. Students know the answer but fail to present it in a manner that will fetch them marks. They often write long paragraphs without any breaks and fill pages instead of keeping it precise, simple and obvious. Writing management and IT jargon wherever required and pour the knowledge of grammar and language to get decent marks.

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Luck Factor:

Yes, luck exist but it favours those who work for it. Luck is Product of Karma. As you sow, so shall you reap!!. There is famous saying about luck : Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Not only in CA be it anything Luck matters.

Role of ICAI:

 ICAI tries it’s level best to help every student when it can. It is a prestigious and professional body and blaming it for results being so low wouldn’t be right.


Everyone can do hard work. But being patient is something everyone cant afford to be. Intelligent people generally lack patience. Weak students’ lacks confidence. Averages are the balanced ones. I would like to quote Leon Megginson- “ it’s not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent , but the one most responsive to the change.


The study material provided by the Institute is more than enough to successfully clear the examinations. Technique of study is important. We all know what to study,but we miss on how to study. You need to STUDY SMART and STUDY HARD. Just working hard is not enough Need to take care for small things but too important while preparation, such as –

  1. Latest amendments : we all know how important amendments are for CA exams , but what almost all of us missed is we cover amendments for same attempt whereas examiner asks mostly questions from previous attempts amendments.
  2. RTP : same as amendments , not this attempts instead last 2–3 attempts.
  3. ICAI Study material : there are certain topics which were covered only in modules .
  4. Latest case laws and guidelines: we can find them in ICAI newsletter and journal.

Preparation for CA exams requires honesty and relentless consistency. Plan well in advance before examination and rigorously follow that.

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Prepare Yourself for the show:

  • First things first never ask someone else to prepare your time table for you. You know your strengths and weaknesses so you yourself know how much time to allot to which subject. Prepare it and follow it but make sure to keep it realistic.
  • When exams are approaching try to adapt your sleeping and food cycle according to the examination timings. So on the day of the exam you would be sure that on the day of the exam you would be at peace and at time of exam your stomach would be at peace and would be effectively able to write the paper.
  • Clearing CA requires a lot of writing practice. I would suggest instead of giving mock examinations give half an hour each day to solve the most difficult problem of that day in the requisite amount of time.
  • Your mental strength needs to be high at all time during this course. Sometimes, you feel like giving up if you have a lot of stuff left to study. This is the biggest mistake you could make. At any point of time, instead of crying about how you are going to study so much in such a short period of time, take baby steps.

Last but not the least whenever you sign up for IPCC or Final, along with the study material of ICAI a book on how to prepare for examinations comes. It is very much necessary to go through that book once you are in receipt of the material.

Make a plan to cover as much as you can, by focusing on important chapters and stick to it. Never ever doubt yourself. Your strong determination and hard work will surely help you in achieving your dreams.

“Celebrate your success but learn from your failures.” All the Very Best!!

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After Graduation Career Counseling Discussion

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