Chartered Accountant Commerce Preparation & Admission

Self Study for CA IPCC: Better or Not

It’s very hectic to schedule your preparation with your regular degree studies. Balancing graduation studies with IPCC classes requires excellent time management skills. But the daring experience of self study for CA IPCC will make you feel empowered.

It was a tough decision, but many students decide to ditch coaching classes so that they can focus on overall development and be more involved with extra-curricular activities. Thus, the adventure began!

It all started after clearing CPT in first attempt and start preparation with college in parallel. It’s obvious that you will encounter many problems, doubts but for every problem there is a solution.

The students who take coaching spent their entire day in coaching classes and there is no conceptual clarity unless study yourself for which they generally don’t have time.

As it is a professional course, the subjects in IPCC are vast, in-depth and very intricate. Many found it intimidating.

Subjects like Law , Accounts and Tax seemed immense. Many of students are not sure how to tackle them and spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best approach for these subjects. Instead of feeling frustrated when stuck somewhere, immediately start thinking of what can be done to overcome the problem.

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  • Searching for notes online.
  • Preparing own notes.
  • Writing things down.
  • Used mnemonics.
  • Call your friends
  • Post your queries online

Some things worked, some did not. Some subjects seemed never ending, and generally tried to put them off as much as possible. Some student  struggled with some subjects for a long time. They would often try to learn a new concept but no matter how much effort they put. Slowly and gradually, it will start getting better.

Self study is always a better option. First of all, nothing is rocket science in the syllabus. You just need thorough understanding of the concepts.

Towards the end, you would be able to solve most of the tough questions, concepts were clear and you could deal with unique questions that required application of multiple concepts.

When you attend coaching class you are spoon fed everything and one can’t visualise and deeply understand the concept. There is no second opinion, you understand only what the teacher tells u.

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Self study enables us to visualise the concept with our own perspective. It saves time and money. But I would also recommend to be in close touch of your friends who are taking coaching who can share their study mat and all important information.

Coaching teachers have experience and can guide u about exam pattern and important areas in a chapter or which chapters u can leave .also there is always an option of fast track batches in case u r unsatisfied with your preparation at the end. coaching classes today specially in metros are a waste of time and money, waste so much time in travelling for each class.

Given enough resources and time, one can achieve any goal. It would give you a good feeling to study and solve everything on your own. It helped you to  refer a lot of books and build  a mini library at home.

I cannot lay enough emphasis on the satisfaction you feel when you realize that you have come a long way, that too on your own!

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