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Tips to Prepare GATE 2017 For Good Score

GATE examination is one of the prestigious examinations of the nation. One thing is Gate examination tests the basic ability of the candidate to know what extent he/she understood about the topic and how well he/she can simplify the problem related to it. And to prepare for it one need not essentially enter into the complex domain of Engineering Subjects but one need to know clearly what/how/why questions as much as possible about the topic of the subject. And that can be put up in single line as “Believe in Basics with clear understanding” is enough to crack the GATE 2017 exam.

With the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2017 scheduled for first and second week of February, you are left with only 3+ months in hand to prepare for the national level postgraduate engineering entrance exam. At this juncture, it’s crucial to decide and act on the planning and strategy that will ensure your breakthrough in GATE 2017.

If you desire success, then without losing any time, a rigorous preparation has to be initiated. To help you in this endeavor, AfterGraduation brings to you some basic tips on how to increase your efficiency with passing days and devise a strategy that suits best as per your planning.

Key Points in Oder to Prepare for GATE 2017

  1. Understand the GATE syllabus
  2. Gather important resources
  3. Identify and improve on your weak areas
  4. Start your preparation with dedication
  5. Get a personalized improvement plan & track your progress
  6. Make revision notes
  7. Practice Quizzes/tests

Understand Syllabus Properly

By now, you must be aware about the GATE syllabus, released by the organizing IIT. You must go through the section-wise and topic-wise syllabus of your chosen branch in order to know what all you have to study and what to avoid. Without referring to the syllabus or preparing without any clue will ultimately lead to wastage of time. Go through the prescribed syllabus with complete attention and make sure that you cover all the specified topics. Highlighted the important points and gave extra emphasis on them.

Preparation For General Aptitude

For General Aptitude which consist of Numerical ability and Verbal ability, you can practice these everyday for 30 to 60 minutes from any of the Gate books

Choose Reference Books and Study Materials Carefully

A plenty of books are available in market for GATE preparation. You can also refer the books that you have followed during undergraduate course. Nowadays the whole package is available online in the form of video lectures, course materials PDF, so you can pursue best study material.

Keep in mind that you should not select each and every book recommended by experts or toppers as that will be a never ending list. Instead choose all those books that cover the topics in detail including the basic concepts. Choose the ones that you can understand and study within the limited time you have.

Follow Preparation Plan Diligently

The preparation plan that you must have prepared by now has to be followed with complete dedication. Moreover, the plan should be realistic and achievable. It should be planned in a way that the early days of preparation period are for brushing the concepts and laying the foundation. The schedule should slowly move to include test papers and practice sessions once brushing up of the concepts is done. Revision is a crucial part and should be accommodated in the plan.

Prepare Smartly & Practice Previous Year Papers

Solving previous years’ papers is of utmost importance if you want to excel in the exam. One should understand concepts behind the questions, asked in the previous GATE papers rather than memorizing them. These practice papers will turn out to be more beneficial.

After studying a subject, practice previous year Questions for that particular subject which will help you to analyze your preparation and also boost your confidence.

While practicing the mock tests, you will get to know your weak areas. So, you can devote much time to such topics and prepare them well. Setting a time limit while solving sample papers will improve your speed , improve your solving ability,  time management to score a good rank. Understanding time management during preparation will benefit you during the actual entrance exam.

Revision, Test Series and Practice at the last stage

Last 30 days should be allocated to revision and giving Practice tests. Practice more tests, identify the weaker topics in each test and revise them. Join all India Test Series so that you can analyse your level before the actual exam and with the help of it you can work on your weak areas. Practice at least 2 tests every day in the month of January.

Avoid distractions & take care of your health

This period of preparation is the time to focus on your studies only, as all the other things can wait. Don’t let any distraction come in your way during GATE preparation. You can always get back to social network sites and friends, but this precious time should only be dedicated for studies.

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Playing some sport occasionally or listening to soft music is recommended if you are feeling stressed after long hours of studies. Doing meditation to stay calm is also an amazing stress-buster during such rigorous preparation period.

Maintaining good health is essential. If you are not taking proper care of your health, then you may fall sick, and suffer from weakness, headache or fever. This may disrupt your preparation. So, it is highly recommended that you focus on your health, eat properly and sleep well.

Last Minute Strategy

  • You are advised not to read any new topic in during last days.
  • Focus on revising the concepts and important Questions which you have marked during your preparation.
  • Keep your mind relaxed and take proper sleep before the exam. This will help you in recollecting things during exam hours.
  • Be ready with your examination admit card and know your center before the exam day.

Appear for GATE 2017 with a positive approach. All the best to all aspirants!

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