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8 Interesting And OffBeat Career Courses

Gone are the days when all you could think was being a doctor, engineer, CA or at the most a lawyer. There are a number of very legitimate opportunities other than these professional degrees. Students need to think about what their interests are, how they like to learn and earn, what motivates them, what financial realities they face, what type of work they see themselves doing? Ultimately, you have to think about your life goals. Along with a massive increase in the scale of options available, the return from such Offbeat Career Courses is also at par or even more than the routine professions or services.

On an average more than 50 lakh students graduate every year in India after, a three, four or five years of degree from all the streams. More than 75%+ students are entering the job market and ‘Nearly 47 per cent graduates in India unemployable’. The employability rate is very less (Source – Indian Express).

  • Less than 11 per cent of hotel management graduates ’employable’.

Why Students Lack Job Specific Skills & Look For Offbeat Career Options –

  1. Our education system is more theory oriented. It gives more focus on acquiring bookish knowledge rather than application, of what is learnt. The picture is slowly changing, but there needs to be a perfect balance between the two.
  2. People have strong beliefs in our Indian culture which is a myth that – pursue a degree and you will get a job. What degree? It doesn’t matter to just be a graduate. While acquiring the degree; students rarely think about what job specific skills they must acquire so that they have a better chance of employment. This is what people should think of!

For the ones who want to start business at their door step, there are some off-beat courses which can be the best option, if you have interest. Soon after getting a diploma or degree in it, they can start earning. So there are some courses with the name of popular institute which is jotted down together.

1.Animation Design

Be it from films to advertisements, books to blogs, almost everywhere, the use of animation has increased a lot. The cartoon channels have also started to increase in a large scale but the students who are learning this course or the no. of students actually moving forward in this field are very less comparatively to other courses. In this condition, this course can be the best option for any student out there.

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  • Courses of Animation:

  1. B.Sc Animation
  2. Diploma 3D Animation
  3. Diploma in Animation
  4. Digital Graphics Animation
  • Popular Institutes:

  1. Arena Multimedia (Delhi, Bengaluru, Noida, Mumbai)
  2. Global School of Animation (New Delhi, Chennai)
  3. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic (MAAC), Mumbai
  4. Tekno Point Multimedia (Bengaluru)

2.Beautician Courses

Be it a girl or boy, beauty parlors are there for both. The no. of parlors for girls are more than men, but there is a great trend of getting the good beauticians to get stuff done, people with higher qualities or standard are paid more even if two beauticians are working in the same parlor. In this case, there is a high demand of good beauticians.

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  • Beautician Certificate Courses:

  1. Diploma in Hair Designing
  2. Diploma in Cosmetics
  3. Diploma in Electro logy
  4. Diploma in Hair Styling and Hair Coloring
  5. CIDESCO Diploma n Beauty Therapy
  • Popular Institutes:

  1. Butic Institute of Beauty Therapy and Hair Dressing (Mumbai)
  2. Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics (Mumbai)
  3. Enrich Salon and Academy (Mumbai)
  4. L.T.A. School of Beauty (Mumbai)

3.Event Management

Now a days to organize and make even small event successful, Event Manager has a role behind it. Take it a party, marriage, some fest or any event, the work of management is very important. After doing this course, you can run your business company or else join someone else.

  • Courses for Event Management:

  1. DEM-Diploma Course in Event Management
  2. PGDEM-Post graduate Diploma Course in Event Management
  3. PGDEMA- Post graduate Diploma Course in Event Management and Activation
  4. MBA in Event Management
  • Popular Institutes:

  1. Event Management Development Institute
  2. Amity university of Event Management
  3. National Institute of Event Management
  4. The International Centre for Event Marketing Management (ICEM)
  5. Institute for Tourism Future Management Trends (ITFT)

4.Fashion Designing

In the name of fashion, every other day, new variety is coming up in the society. Mostly designer dresses are included in it. The demand and pricing of these dresses are pretty high. Marriage, birthday parties, for any small or big event, people want to wear designer dresses. Even in film industry, there is a high demand for fashion designers. The duration to attain bachelor degree in it is 4 years.

  • Courses for fashion designing:

  1. B.Sc degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile design
  2. B. Des. (Accessory design)
  3. B. Des. (Fashion design)
  4. B. Des. (Textile design)
  • Popular Institutes:

  1. National Institute of Design (NID)
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
  3. Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF)
  4. Symbiosis Centre of Design (SID)
  5. Northern Institute of Fashion Technology (NIIFT)

5.Food Chemist

Those students who have  interest or knowledge about food, they can take up this course and set their career in this direction. Food chemist checks the quality of food. They can even be a cook later in their field or teach other people and set up their own classes at home.

  • Courses for Food Chemistry:

  1. B.Sc. in Food Chemistry
  2. M.Sc. Biochemistry
  3. M.Sc. in Food Chemistry
  • Popular Institutes:

  1. Danapackiyam Krishnasamy Mudaliar College for Women, Tamil Nadu
  2. Loyola College, Tamil Nadu
  3. Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies (MACFAST), Kerala.

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6.Graphic Design

The need of graphic designers is for almost every sector now. With the help of graphics, you can explain using fewer words easily and more properly. Blogs, start-ups, films, media and many other sectors are there where there is a great need of it. By this, you can work from home.

  • Courses for Graphics Design:

  1. Diploma in Graphics Design Rich Media
  2. Graphic Designing
  • Popular institutes

  1. National Institute of Design (Ahmadabad)
  2. Industrial Design Centre (IDC) – (Mumbai)
  3. Instrument Design and Development Centre (Delhi)
  4. Department of Design (Guwahati)

7.Spa Management

Spa Management has come out as a new and better option. People can take both diploma and degree courses. After doing this course, one can start their own business at home of spa providers. Even now, spa is available only in the big cities instead of it being so easy to learn and work on.

  • Courses on Spa Management:

  1. Spa Management Certificate
  2. Spa and Hospitality Management
  3. Spa Management BA (Hons)
  • Popular Institutes:

  1. Ananda Spa Institute (Hyderabad)
  2. Orient Spa Academy (Jaipur)
  3. International Spa Academy (Kerala)
  4. Spa Consultants (Pune)

8.Video Editing

The people who edit the recorded videos are called video editors. During the process, the raw video is edited as per the concept. Keeping in mind about the theme i.e. marriage, film, media etc., the video is edited with different software’s.

  • Courses for Video Editing:

  1. MFA in Media Design
  2. BS in Digital Cinematography
  3. Master of Arts in Film and TV
  • Popular Institutes:

  1. Film and Television Institute of India (Pune)
  2. Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (Kolkata)
  3. Whistling Woods International (Mumbai)
  4. Center for research in Art of Film and Television (Delhi)
  5. Asian Academy of Film and Television (Noida)

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