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Short Term Courses After 12th  


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This is a discussion on AfterGraduation's new article "Short Term Courses After 12th For Students To Have A Better Offbeat Career".

In today’s world, there is competition everywhere in every field. But at the same time, there is an infinite number of fields and opportunities for an individual to have excel in. In this present age, there are innumerable options in form of Short Term Courses which will help the students to find a better career, a job with ease.

After passing the high school or 12th standard examination, students usually find themselves in a dilemma of which course or field to choose from. They get confused as they don’t have the complete knowledge about the options they have and in most of the cases, their options are limited to a very few numbers of orthodox fields and career paths like an engineer, doctor, chartered accountant etc.

However, not every student is meant to be a doctor or an engineer, every person has a different skill set and a unique field they can excel in which may or may not be the orthodox fields as per standards. In this article, we discuss few Short Term Courses that can be opted by students to kick-start their career in a field they want to.

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