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UPSC 2017 Prelims Preparation Strategy, Plan And Books  


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This is a discussion on AfterGraduation new article "Preparation Strategy, Plan And Books For UPSC 2017 Prelims".

The UPSC 2017 prelims is most awaited exam of the year, which is scheduled this year to be held on 18th June, 2017. Now only around 50 days left for the preparation, its high time for the aspirants as they need to follow their inner self now for UPSC 2017 Prelims Exams.

What can be done in these 50 days, you have to plan according to that. One can easily get lost in the sea of information or get bogged down by different ideas, strategies and topper tricks. IAS exam is believed to be a very tough government exam in India. Furthermore prelims of this exam considered to be toughest stage in whole process.

All you need is a proper guidance of paper pattern, books, plan etc. Here we are providing a overall preparation strategy for those who are preparing for UPSC 2017 Prelims and seeking for the guidance.

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