ICAI Overseas Campus Placement Revised schedule: ICAI announced latest schedule for its 2nd Overseas Campus Placement for Chartered Accountants and Accountants which was earlier planned from 18th – 22nd, October 2019 has been postponed for 12-14 December 2019.
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ICAI Campus Placement Feb-March 2018 For Qualified Chartered Accountants

The Committee for Professional Accountants in Business & Industry (CPABI) of ICAI organizes ICAI Campus Placement Programmes almost all over the Country twice a year to provide a platform to both the Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants (NQCAs) and the organizations looking for to hire the best available talents to fulfil their Human Resource requirement. CPABI is committed to providing world-class placement services to young […]

ICAI Campus Placements Aug-Sept 2017 recruitment for new qualified CA
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CPABI Conducting ICAI Campus Placement Aug-Sept 2017, Last Day to Register

The Committee for Professional Accountants in Business & Industry (CPABI) of ICAI organises “ICAI Campus Placement Programmes” almost all over the Country twice a year for Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants. CPABI is committed to provide world class placement services to young professional CAs in various corporations and business houses. The ICAI job portal supplements the existing placement assistance […]